A Decade Of Watching Black People Die

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Family of Kentucky Woman, shot and killed by police is demanding answers. The former, his son both white are accused of killing the unarmed black man again with the breaking news for Minneapolis violent protests raged for a second straight night, following the death of George Floyd after being arrested by a Minneapolis police officer last night, protesters turned their attention to the city's. The last few weeks have been filled with devastating news stories about police killing black people. And what is sick is that these stories have become the kind of news that we in the business call evergreen their stories that are always relevant and always in season, these calamities are so familiar. This point they're details have begun to echo each other July. Twenty fourteen, a cell phone video captured some of Eric Garner's final words as New York City Police officers sat on his head and pinned him to the ground on a city sidewalk. I can't breathe. Or May twenty fifth of this year those same words were spoken by George Floyd. Just before he died, he pleaded for release, as an officer kneeled on his neck in pins of the ground on a Minneapolis City Street, so we're at the point with verbiage, people used to plead for their lives can be re purposed as shorthand for completely different stories and part of our job here coast, which is to conceptualize and make sense of news like this. But genus is hard to come up with something new to say you know things we haven't already said or things we have already recorded protesters saying when we were both in Ferguson in August of twenty fourteen after Michael. Brown was killed by the police or when we were in Baltimore after Freddie Gray's death. I spent the day with junior. High school kids in West. Baltimore where Freddie Gray was from on the first day. Let kids return to school after all the protests and I will never forget the eighth grade boy who raised his hand to ask. Why have white people been killing us in slavery and they're still killing us. He said that on Wednesday April Twenty Ninth Twenty fifteen. Since it's so hard to come up with any fresh insights about this phenomenon. We thought we would look back to another time. When the nation turned collective attention to this perpetual problem. Jamile Smith Senior Writer for Rolling Stone magazine. In when I was at the new republic. wrote an article entitled. What does seeing black men die? Do for you. It was published on April Thirteenth Two Thousand Fifteen. We get to see black men tortured or killed by police a lot more often these days. So, it's worth recalling why a generation ago. It mattered so much to see what happened to Rodney King. Now the story that might never have surfaced if someone hadn't picked up his home video camera. We've all seen. We have certainly seen the black and white photographs and videos depicting police abuse of African Americans. And we'd seen the grainy images of lynchings passed. But the conventional ignorance was that this wasn't the America. We lived in now. Officers beating a man they had just pulled over. This was the early nineties after all. This was in America that viewed law enforcement in the context of the popular reality, show cops, and were Morton Downey Junior tabloid television style made uncensored aggression a form of entertainment. But when George Holidays video surface chuck him with batons of between fifty three and fifty six times signal to a lot of citizens, just how bad police violence visited upon marginalized communities, actually was six kicks and one officer one kick people either didn't know what was happening. or willfully ignorant of it. They needed to wake up. Say The Los. Angeles Police Department has a history of brutality and misconduct that goes back a quarter of a century day. We are not sure that the police is there to protect us. The fear of becoming the next Rodney King is still here. But what has changed is how often we are viewing that fear being realized. Jamal goes on to write that the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and dashboard cameras means this uncensored horror has become available on demand. He says he watched twenty two year old Oscar grant get shot and killed by a police officer on Youtube before it made it to broadcast news. That happened in Oakland in two thousand, nine on New Year's Day. And it really marked the beginning of this grim genre, in which the slain become memorialized as Hashtags Hashtag justice for Oscar grant and remember Walters Gun Eric Harris, Jomo rights videos of them, being killed became public almost back to back in two thousand fifteen. Both men were running away when the shots were fired. Walter Scott Fifty was trying to escape North Charleston police officer Michael slager. Who Shot him eight times in the back? Before planning evidence near his body to support a false account of the incident. Eric Harris was running from a team of Tulsa County deputies when Elderly Insurance Executive Robert Bates. WHO's donations to the SHERIFF'S OFFICE IN MODICUM? Training earned him the title of Reserve Deputy. Shot him dead.

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