1.3 million workers seek US jobless aid as layoffs remain historically high amid spike in coronavirus cases


1.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week The Surgeon Cove in 19 cases in some parts of the country has muddled the job market. In the beginning we had, you know, we had huge layoffs, and then we had a big decline in layoffs over subsequent weeks. Now we have still have a high level of layoffs. But it's pretty much the same from week to week. Gus Fouche, chief economist with PNC Financial Services Group. If we saw the number of cases decline if we weren't worried about I see you capacity, I think that would help. But unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be on the horizon. Some good news. Who's the total number of people who are receiving jobless benefits dropped by 700,000. That suggests that some companies are continuing to rehire workers. Shelly

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