North and south, 7 10 connectors


For the morning hours, the otherwise clear around Southern California, and that's going to burn off where to get some temperatures again. If you like yesterday and today is gonna be about the same sunny and hot during the day. Light winds overnight lows in the fifties and sixties eyes in beach areas There's going to be in the seventies eighties and the inland areas valleys to be in the nineties again, and Universal City now at 69 Burbank at 68 Pasadena, 66 currently in Cerritos, at 68 degrees, a 12 075 day forecast at 12 15. Patera County waiting for daylight to resume their search for a missing woman at Lake Piru in Ventura County. Authorities say that missing person is 33 year old actress Naya Rivera. Our four year old son was shot alone in a boat on Lake Piru yesterday afternoon did Worthy's captive with the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. When the Ah person who

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