Coronavirus Cases on Rise in US


Cases of the Corona virus. Yes. News update. A skyrocketing number of Corona virus cases amazes. Even Dr Anthony Fauci. I've never seen anything that is so protean in its ability. To make people sick or not, Prodi and ever changing there may have been there have been more than 300,000 new cases reported in the U. S. During the first week of this month. Number of cases is more than doubled in Texas in two weeks. California Governor Newsome blames young people for the surge. But L. A resident Ronald Scott is optimistic and we keep social dishes. Everybody stay healthy. I believe we can beat this. There's a dire economic prediction from a global research institute. CBS's Vicki Barker, the Para Space research group, The CD says the world's wealthiest countries will end this year with the worst levels of joblessness since the Great Depression. And it says the U. S. And the 36 other wealthy countries it tracks won't return to their pre pandemic levels until 2022 at the earliest.

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