Suspect Hospitalized After Officer-Involved Shooting At Garland Convenience Store, Dallas-Fort Worth


And Officer involved shootings at one person to the hospital. They update from K R. Oldies Bailey Friday. Garland. Police say they got a call about a robbery around nine this morning at the Phillips, 66 Sonny's Buckingham Road. Lieutenant Pedro Baron. Oh, with the Garland Police has a man inside the store was armed with a knife. He says there was a quote encounter between the man and the officer. And then the officer fired. We received several different information with garden apples. So our officers and detectives are with you and the surveillance cameras well as her body worn camera other officers to determine what actually occurred that actually lead to the point where the subject with the suspect was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Nobody else was injured. Baron Oh, says investigators are trying to figure out what exactly led to the shooting. Bailey Friday News Radio 10 80. Care L. D. A Dallas woman

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