How should I launch a gift box service for new moms?

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Hi Chris. This is Sarah from Florida. And I've been listening to your show for a while. Only had an idea I'm passionate about my personal experiences. Thinking about starting a side hustle and the GIG box market appeal to mount oftentimes people forget that not only the a baby born with a Momma's born to, and she could also use some TLC. My question as I began my research process is. Do you think it's wise? decided new venture on a platform such as exceed the captive audience, or do you think it makes more sense to build your own website and work to draft traffic through social media? ADS etc.. Or is it perhaps both thanks in Florida hearing your answers of they build up my idea. Hey, Sarah what's up. Thank you so much for listening and I think this is a great idea. We had a story recently about someone doing something kind of like this episode nine fifteen. The MOM box subscription offers postpartum recovery products. And just as a reminder, in case, anybody new when I say somebody's been doing this before. That doesn't mean, don't do it. It often means there's a market for this. There are people willing to pay for it, so it's great that there's one service out. They're gonNA provide something that is a little bit different, or at least a different customers and so on. So as to which path is best here in terms of the Oetzi versus website thing, it's kind of a yes and. So I think you said something like. Should it be both I I? Do think it could be both. I think experimenting on is worth it. It's very low cost. You might learn something. You'll probably improve your skill. In terms of copyrighting, maybe in terms of images, maybe pricing whatever it is, you'll learn something, but I also think in the long run. You definitely want your website and that's because in the long run. You don't WanNa. Be Dependent on. Any other platform now I don't necessarily believe that means that you should focus on media ads however. At least not at first a Lotta people lose money doing not. I've had a bunch of questions recently about this. So if you probably hear this some other questions. As well going forward. The time to spend money on advertising is when you want to amplify A. Product or just get more reach for something that's already working like when your conversion rate is high, it's not usually a great way to introduce a new product and then sell that product, and then grow your initial following all at once. Those are just too many goals to accomplish unless you have an unlimited budget, and even they're going to end up wasting a lot of that money, so not necessarily social media ads, but I do think it'd be good to experiment on. And as well built out your own website

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