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Georgia's Reopening Has Been 'A Disaster' For Some


Here in the U. S. where in just two months thirty three million people found themselves unemployed most states have decided to ease up on stayed home recommendations in Georgia governor Brian kept made the announcement at the end of April the state would begin opening hair salons tattoo parlors and other businesses while restaurants theaters and other places can operate with drastically different rules across much of the state though there hasn't been a clamoring to get back people there are wary too for that let's turn to Michelle right reporter with our affiliate WSB in Atlanta your governor Brian camp was one of the first to say let's open back up again I want to get some response from the people there in Georgia when he said that what did you guys think you know what he said it was it was really shocking because our shelter in place order that he had put in place on the third of April was set to expire on the thirtieth of April and so he came out and said well you know what on the twenty fourth we're going to kind of open some businesses up and among those are gonna be hairstylists barbers massage parlors at two shops and bowling alleys and still a lot of people were questioning is this the right time to open up those type of businesses and then he opened up dining restaurant to movie theaters I can honestly say I don't know many people who have gone to the movies everybody that I've talked to is is not trying to to go to the movies as far as restaurants concern there are still a lot of restaurants that are only doing take out because there are like at least thirty nine requirements that they have to make sure are in place for those restaurants can open up and serve customers so what about the the the cases themselves in the state of Georgia since this re opening we have seen the numbers go back up which is what a lot of people have predicted might happen exactly and they continue to increase in fact there's a story I was doing on Thursday morning about eight nursing homes in the city of Atlanta that has a hundred cases right there in that nursing home and took everything continues to climb and so there it's interesting there's a group of people who are out and about like nothing ever happened I think they were just super happy to get out and then there's another group of people who are still like I'm not going anywhere I am going to remain sheltered in place until things start to drop what about the the the rural population African American population there in Georgia we have been hearing a lot about Terrell county I think it is where cases are very high and the health care system there is this whole counties that don't even have a hospital or even you know a lot of doctors offices nearby so tell us about the situation for some of those folks in state of Georgia yeah it's really quite challenging because we do have a lot of small counties a lot of rural counties especially in central and south Georgia and one of the county's early on that got hit with Albany County where they had a or Albany which is in south Georgia that's the city there and they had a super spreader who had gone to a couple funerals and they were over run with aces now we're moving more up in the hot spot in north Georgia up in the Gainesville population and we do have populations both of African Americans and Latinos that have been extremely heavily yet and heavily affected by this virus the Fulton County health department which is then not Atlanta the you know the state capitol resides in Fulton County into what Fulton County is doing is they're starting to open up some neighborhood testing sites to hit the African American population populations that don't necessarily have vehicles that can get to some of the suburban testing sites and mass transit you know hasn't really been running to effectively so they haven't been able to get out and get the test done so we're probably going to see another in crease in in testing and in confirmed cases we do have a lot of meat packing facilities in Georgia as well checking capital of the nation at least and so there are a lot of concerns that in those meat packing areas there's going to be an increase in what that looks like even as people are trying to get back to work what it looks like as we increase testing and we have more cases and is it because we're having more cases because we're having more testing or is it the spread is really spreading more and we're putting ourselves more risk and that's what a lot of people are wondering in

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