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I'm so trade at trying to turn around how I feel and and how I'm thinking so if I have an important event and I have to do it I will use all the again all those chosen. If it's just a tiredness thing it's water benefits. I can't cope with this thing will question that thought it so this fantastic limiting Byron Katie. Have you ever heard? Yeah Yeah I mean just. You don't have to study everything that she does or or be an expert at her method but just questioning whether or not the thought that you having is correct and this. I think it goes into my second habit which is connecting. Sometimes tired you feel fearful of because you're not connected and I honestly believe that. Humans are kind of like batteries. Sometimes we need to go off and Y- recharge so Rechargeable batteries as sometimes. You need to just go sleep or rest or whatever it is. Sometimes the the solution is actually go plug into another battery. And so that's what gets your energy flowing and if rest hasn't done it for you or if you're having thought that maybe isn't helpful and I would say there two kinds of thoughts fight right helpful or not. Helpful never true. It's like well you can. You can think about the same thing two different ways in helpful away. And that's your choice but remembering that if you're feeling anxious about something is just a unhelpful. Fought and maybe you need to do something differently and very often. I find that if I just connect with other people and you know you go and you recharge you meet somebody. Suddenly it lifts your energy so much and it's because you've got somebody else's energy to lift you up to feel connected and really easy way reaching out zooming somebody calling someone or just going in and getting into a different mode where you don't necessarily theol- like that problem or the thing that was maybe reducing. Your energy is still there because it's not true anymore in story. I'm really interested in what you said about unhelpful and helpful foods and I think that's a really brilliant way of distinguishing them and also it makes it really easy when you feel like you're having a bad day or you're in a negative head space for you to be able to say actually maybe. I'm just being really unhelpful. Now I need to be helpful. Did where did you learn? That former was that was a business thing or is that just something you learn as a kid think somewhere. I re as much as I possibly can because I also find that reading gives you so many ideas idea whenever you stuck. I just hope right when you you are stop and you can find a little point of light. It's almost like the guy that's out of that stuck place when you're in that place where you don't have enough light really acknowledge that will take you out of there so. I tend to read anything I can. Whether or not Student 'cause you always find a little snippets of inspiration in there and someone just said very simply in its true. I guess there could be a neutral thought by means you're having a thought and it's not helpful you will. This spot isn't helpful. So let me have a different thought. I have a great example of this so we a Finance Director. At one point he was know mark the most positive person and sometimes instructors. They could be you. Want them to be constructed frugal. And that's what a good finance director and we were trying to. I think trying to sell a product to retailer and I said Hey. Could you make this call to this retailer? 'cause I'm really Swanton in Buffalo and he Had emailed me Taylor and not hurt back and I. I think I emailed him. I said so. I won't say his name. Just he's he's losing said did you the retailer. And he said yes but haven't heard back from and so they're not they're not interested. I actually laughed and I said that's running because if I emailed that person a tape myself to do this and they did email that I would say. Oh holiday it's different. He comes up when I did get back. So they're not interested at automatically. Assumes is unhelpful fe and I would think must be on holiday did time to get back to me and interestingly a couple of days later they emailed back so you can either stretch yourself out give up and say oh it's negative or you can think oh they must be reason for this and it is sprayed training to have like yourself immediately into the positive thoughts but you can do it everybody can do is just Joyce.

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