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We're going to discuss what it means to cook the weight and wellness way so I know often in our show. We talk about eating the weight and wellness way. But today we're going to shift that focus a little bit look a little further upstream in that process to cooking the weight and wellness way and how we go about cooking real food many of our listeners over the last couple of weeks and couple of months have called her emailed. Us questions about how to Cook Certain recipes so we actually had one of our dieticians Theresa Wagner. She's a registered and licensed Dietitian and she's a parent of three young kids herself. She offered up some really great ways to engage kids in this cooking and food preparation process so her blog is called. Oh my kids want to eat all the time plus four snacks to make together for quote Unquote Matt Class. So I I love that title but so she really goes into some really great Tips and tricks and ideas on how to set some routines. Some schedules get some boundaries in there for kids when they need that structure that they don't have from going to school every day right now and how to set up some of those some of that structure at home and as parents how we can make our job easier now that we are home coordinators and parents that were wearing many different hats at this point. So even though I'm not quite as seasoned of a mom is Teresa. I actually found this blog. Post really helpful and anyone some of our listeners. Out there have probably talked Theresa Had Her as their nutritionist. And you can really send her personality her sense of humor coming through in this blog so I thought she did a really great job with the writing in this particular article. So thank you Theresa for that and you can find. Theresa's article and any of the articles the blog articles that we right at our website weight and wellness dot com rate. So when we say cooking and eating the weight and wellness way. What does that really mean? You've heard US say eating the weight and wellness way for many many years now and very simply when we say e the weight and wellness way. We mean that this is an anti inflammatory eating plan. That is based on real food so I WANNA put a pin in that term anti inflammatory we will be circling back to that and for your overall health and wellbeing. We recommend evening real food. And that's a term you all as listeners have now heard many many times real food and you may have heard terms leg whole foods on processed foods foods that your grandparents eight or foods. That are plucked from the farmer's field as Melanie is infamous for saying we talk about eating real food. This is protein from grass fed animals vegetables that you could grow in the garden or that you could buy from the farmer and natural beneficial fats. We will really elaborate on those good fats leader on the show. It may surprise you to learn that most grains lentils some being products are actually inflammatory foods for many people so we suggest limiting the amount of these foods to no more than a half a cup per serving. I have some clients who are really sensitive to those foods and we do have to remove them completely sometimes but a lot of times even just at half cup serving is enough to help people bump their blood sugar up. Get a little bit of energy and still feel good now. We have listeners. That are here with us all over the world so we hope to offer each one of you a pearl of wisdom that will have you saying. Oh I didn't know that in the kitchen or the next time you're doing some meal prepping so I'm happy to share the Mike this morning for the first time with Marianne but before Marianne introduces herself. Mary-anne going to ask you about garlic because you had. I attended one of your kind of previews in the cooking. Classes that you did and you had some really interesting things to say about Garlic and I think even most of us in the room or really surprised by the information you shared so I'm going to hand it over to you. Great thanks Leah. So I am a big garlic lover. I like to put it in a lot of my recipes and so when I make my garlic the trick to getting all of the heart healthy or cancer fighting benefits out of that garlic is to allow it to sit for ten or fifteen minutes after you chop it or you crush it or mince it and it actually releases an enzyme which allows it to be more nutritious for us so once you let it. Rask then you can go ahead throw it into a pan and let it do its magic. That's super interesting because I have always just chopped the garlic and then boom right into the pan with the onions and everything like that so I think I like. I know I'd really took that Pearl away from you. That the time I heard you say that. Yeah we just have to be a little patient so then throw it on in and let it do. Its thing so my name is Maryanne. I am a farm to table chef and culinary nutrition educator with a company called the cooks cure and I work with nutritional weight and wellness to create some really fun cooking classes We developed some recipes and teach clients how to put their meal plans into practice into the kitchen. Yes and isn't that kind of that's the key thing is like you have all this knowledge about foods what they do for you but then how do you translate that into actually getting it onto your plate exactly? Yeah exactly so yeah. Marianne you mentioned the cooking classes that you offered in and we were able to get those in just before all the stay at home order stuff went into place. I know that it was a big request from a lot of our clients for many years to get some sort of education or just some sort of class around that and as soon as we opened it up for the masses to be able to enroll those classes filled up immediately we knew there was a demanded an interest for that and according to the reviews everyone really loved these classes for one reason or another and some people enjoyed learning the new recipes. Others said that they love the time saving tips. And I promise for those of you with local here to the twin cities that we will be offering these classes again as soon as we're all able to safely get back into meeting as a large group But Marianne you know I wasn't able to attend those classes. But do you remember anything in particular or one or two things that really people seem to look into? It really seem to hit home for people that they were able to take away. Absolutely we all had a lot of fun. They were great classes. They were full and And you know it was great is we had beginners and people that love to cook all in the same room and we learned from each other and we asked each other questions. It was fantastic and the other little nuggets. That was fun was Exposing people to vegetables that they might not try normally we. We tend to get into these these ruts and and in our routine of eating the same vegetables. So introducing something. A little unusual was really fun and everybody was really curious and I so enjoyed that was. It was a ton of fun so so I hope that we get back very soon too so that we can do those classes again and so you know now. That restaurants are closed indefinitely and people are staying at home. Almost everybody is dusting off their slow cookers and their instant pots. They're pulling out that collection of cookbooks and they're getting back into the kitchen. Which is a fantastic thing for me. It's the thing that I love so I'm thrilled. That people are doing that in so today. Leeann and I want to share some recipes and cooking tips and some reasons why cooking the weight and wellness way is changing lives here and all around the world. Yes I've been hearing that from clients to mary-anne that it's you know we're we're kind of forced into necessity at this point to actually have to dust off those aprons and get some of that cooking equipment and and dust off of skills a little bit absolutely. Yeah and right now. We want to touch on a few reasons. Why cooking the weight and wellness way or cooking and eating that real food at home is so much better for you and your family's health so I mean as a as a Dietitian I like some technical and the logical reasons to avoid cooking with those unfair refined fats and oils and on dishing up nutrition. We have said so many times that it is best to avoid the refined factory fats and oils in those foods and to actually eat for your house. Oh Marianne wants you just at least mention what some of those Refined oils are. You are so right Leah. So some of those really unhealthy refined oils that some people might find are soybean vegetable canola corn and cotton seed oil and nutritional weight and wellness. We recommend avoiding these refined fats and replacing them with real natural beneficial fats. Such as butter olive oil coconut oil avocado oil and even Bacon Grease or Lard Yum. Yeah the kind that our great grandparents used to us as to have a little coffee. Coffee can underneath the same and either Greece. Definitely so go to your cupboard and read the label on each oil and if you are still cooking with these refined damaging fats maybe now is the time to walk over to the garbage can toss out each bottle one by one and say to yourself. I am done using damage factory-made fats and oils. Yeah are a perfect will Maryanne. Let's put a pin in that for a second. We have to go to break the. You're listening to dishing up nutrition and today we're sharing a number of reasons why many people are cooking the weight and wellness way. And we'RE GONNA BE PROVIDING SOME TIPS TO HELP YOU. Make the most of your time in the kitchen. So we'll be right back going back to dishing up nutrition. I've worked in many restaurants and I've worked every station in those restaurants and one of the tricks that I learned was to always have lots of onions celery and carrots chopped because they are often the foundation of so many recipes and I'd like to add them to a lot of the recipes. I'm preparing and always have homemade bone broth to use in soups or anywhere recipe calls for water. That's my little trick to add a little nutrients and I usually add bone broth to add more protein and to make it more nutritious

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