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Fleet retirements spreading far and wide


Some things are happening a lot of great things. Unfortunately we continue with the theme such as it is in our corn teen state so phase. One of all of this was figuring out what the hell was going on that lasted. I think I WANNA say early. To mid March into April. It was back when we still had a chance of tracking what the Hell is going right. And then April turned into service reductions or finalizing service reductions making them more less ad hoc hall say and figuring out how airlines. We're going to operate in this new environment and then dealing with how to do. We continue to operate these cities. Do we continue to operate these aircraft and things like that and now that airlines have had some time near on two months to SESA situation a lot of airlines have started saying aircraft that where on the way out that we were considering possibly not having flypast date are gone? And the latest. Today is the Virgin. Atlantic fleet is shrinking measurably as the seven. Four seven are gone. They will not fly again. They're parked and they will not be returning and actually that is a bit more than just a seven four Sevens Virgin Atlantic is in dire straits at this point and they have withdrawn from London Gatwick Airport entirely at this point. It will keep the thoughts in hope that when demand picks back up it will resume flights at Gatwick. But who knows when that is? It may or May Not Happen Virgin Atlantic may or may not be airline in a year. I hope it is but we shall see but for now any of those fights that still operate will be operated out of Heathrow instead of Gatwick and don't be a I believe the other day is also said they're axing service from Gatwick so Gatwick not looking too good right now. Is it no? It's not an version saying they'll keep the slots is dependent on whether or not they're allowed to keep those slots so I think that'll be something interesting to watch whether or not that puts be a in a position to maybe get a better deal out of it or if anyone else wants to met jet blue once upon a time would have paid a princely sum for those thoughts but M- assuming those transatlantic desires are no more but we will see in at the same time virgin reaffirmed that it will be retiring. It's eight hundred thirty two hundred that I believe it acquired from the demise of Air Berlin in twenty twenty two as planned. So that's what a ten eleven aircraft headed out. Sizeable Chunk never small fleet and seven immediately. So that's pretty a pretty big drop off and then there's what happened at American. Were pretty much. If it was an older aircraft is grounded indefinitely and permanently retired. Gone are the seven. Six Sevens gone are the seven five seven. Jason I are actually looking into purchasing one. Beer can go on exactly gone. Are the nineties and gone are the CR J two hundreds operated by PSA? So that's another sizable chunk. Yeah none of. This is particularly surprising. The seven six seven fives and Iwo Ninety S. We're all slated to be retired sooner rather than later within the next year or two. Actually I believe we're missing the eighth HR thirty three hundred from this lists. Yes let's see. I wanted to be missing one and we'd get yelled at if we forgot it. So it's seven seven seven five seventy one ninety eighth three thirty three hundred not the two hundred and the CR J two hundred so those were all especially the ninety s and eighty three threes. Those were rumored for years now to be retired but now we finally know for sure those will be parked and almost certainly will not fly again as passenger aircraft. I would say the very good chance. Seven six get a new lease on life as freighters the seven. Fives have no idea. The nineties are interesting. They weren't that but American. Just had no place in. Its fleet for them. So what might happen to though? I do not know some. You went ninety S. The nineties are far too young to join the Pech mortar fleet. I mean we don't really look at anything beyond debates at this point. I look forward to the introduction of this seven to seventy or fleet one day one day. We'll get there. Were still a four engined for all as I like to say interesting so yeah American also recently last year. If you listened to the podcast you know that they retired the the mad dog the eighties with a huge amount of fanfare out in. Roswell these aircraft will not be getting such a party or celebratory retirement. Unfortunately the the tone this year is a bit different Disney it. It's a single line in a press release is what it is and maybe that's okay these days. I don't know there will be no party. Just a somber press release. Meanwhile north of the border up in Canada Eric Cannata will be retiring. Seventy nine aircraft including the seven six seven eight three nine thousand nine hundred and the e one ninety all of which are out. Oh no fleet immediately. Love No love for the ninety. Well no I don't know if the seven six seven in the eighth nineteen out in Malibu just ninety out immediately yours is unclear to me is being reduced anyway and yeah but this is particularly interesting because the seven six seven is rouges. Only wide-body aircraft rouges Air Canada's low costs unit so this affects rouge pretty hard. The bulk of its fleet is eight hundred. Nine thousand nine hundred seven six seven. They also have some three thousand three twenty ones but this will leave. Air Canada without a wide body fleet to operates mid haul and long haul flights especially transatlantic. So I don't know what happens to rouge in the future. Does it limit to just North American flights and the Caribbean? Or what? Well I think two things one. I'm not sure that the seven six seven hundred nineteen phase out effects rouge entirely. Oh it does that. It's that literally. Okay if you add the numbers up it is every facet. Every three nineteen equals Air Canada. Plus ruse got it so in that case. Here's what I say to you. Air Canada said that they're going into hibernation mode for three years. I mean they've been not terribly optimistic. Run off with. I mean but I think it's going to serve him. Well I really do. I think it's going to serve them. Well they're coming out with their. I forget what they branded it but cleaning promise and how they're sanitizing the yeah. Yeah and so. I think that in these times perhaps pessimism is warranted. If not only because it's probably a more accurate sentiment but I think that it sets you up for being pleasantly so I would much rather be pleasantly surprised that I have to bring more planes back from the desert than I didn't put enough planes into the desert and now I'm a very curious position. Yeah we'll see what happens. Nobody knows every crystal ball is pretty fuzzy at this point. I mean I think at this point that have all been taken smashed on the floor. I think they're parked out in the bone yard parked at crystal balls out in the desert. A boy anyway in the rundown fleet retirements sustained north. Yeah this is not a huge surprise. Alaska Airlines has decided it will not bring back the eight nine teens. It acquired from Virgin America which it never really wanted in the first place. They never refurbish those aircraft. They were actually still sporting the Virgin America Interior. Those are parked and will not be fine under the brand ever again. Hopefully somebody picks those up one day someone will perhaps explain to me and we can do this on the podcast. Or if anyone just wants to write an email to podcasts two four dot com I will spring for a meal or something if anyone can convincingly explain to me why Alaska Bought Virgin to screw jet blue route network. I mean that just enough reason. It was a fleet. It didn't want interior product. It did not want employees did not want really just wanted to make sure jet blue did not get all of the above guy. Yes so yeah. That's the three hundred are gone but that was probably going to happen regardless and then last but not least I think gun laws. Were missing anything right now. In the last two weeks Qantas Seven. Four seven will not be returning to the skies nor will some of the eight hundred eighty s probably. Maybe they've stopped the refurbishment process on the a three eighty. So there were six done and six to go. They've parked a few the a three eighty S. And so how many of those come back and when nobody knows nope but the seven four seven are in fact done for. That was rumored to be happening when they did there. I think the fly by on their last commercial flight with it that actually had passengers but it will not be coming back so and those were the special seven four seven. Four hundred ers were unique to Qantas. Yeah I mean. None of this is surprising. No but that also means that's the end of an aircraft type. Yeah worlds ahead and thought about it. Take that so. That's the first. It's not just Qantas grounding the seven four seven four hundred. Er they were the only airline that ever had that. So unless some other airline that Baltia maybe picks up four hundred Er. That's it that Avatar Avatar hats right. So I'M GONNA go.

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