Russia, Belarus mark Victory Day in contrasting events


Russian president Vladimir Putin monk's victory day Russia's most important secular holiday in a ceremony stripped of its usual Medici parade and pump because of the coronavirus pandemic the soppy reduced observances on the seventy fifth anniversary of the defeat of **** Germany left many Russians unable to commemorate a large part of Russian national identity in the manner they felt it deserved so the music framed the timing is key to life flight was at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier just outside the Kremlin wools and gave a short address honoring the bonnet and suffering of the Soviet army during the war once this year's commemorations had been expected to be especially knowledge because it is the seventy fifth anniversary the Red Square Minnich parade and the mass procession called the immortal regiment purpose behind this positive measures to stifle the spread of the virus the any vestige of the conventional so admitted she might was a flyover of central Moscow by seventy five warplanes and helicopters the ceremony was the first public appearance in about two months to Putin who has what tremec T. as the virus to cold I'm Karen Thomas

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