Etsy is doing very well during the pandemic


After the Centers for Disease Control suggested that all Americans start wearing masks to be around. Other people masks got hard to find. A lot of shoppers turned to Oetzi the marketplace. Better KNOWN FOR SELLING BESPOKE CRAFTS. Oetzi reported earnings this week. It said it sold more than twelve million masks last month. Totaling one hundred thirty three million dollars and people are buying other things there that they can't get elsewhere like garden plants and seeds sewing materials and even kitchen supplies. The question is can Oetzi. Keep all those customers once. The pandemic ends Josh. Silverman is the CEO of Betsy. I asked him I. Where did all those masks come from the beginning of April the CDC changed its guidelines and recommended that Americans wear fabric face masks and all the sudden we saw an explosion of demand literally overnight on Itsy and so we put out our call a call to our sellers saying? Hey if you have a sewing machine. Please start making masks. And Within Two weeks we had twenty thousand sellers making masks and in fact now we have sixty thousand sellers who've made and sold masks so when you buy a mask from them you really helping them out and Oetzi could go from zero to hundreds of thousands of masks in days just because of the dynamism of the oetzi seller base. Is there any precedent for asking sellers for something specific as usual at all for you to sort of use your incoming data to inform sellers about what might do well? I can't think of a time that we've had a surge of demand for one specific product. That was so strong that we needed to do a a calling all sellers in this way. There are all kinds of product categories. That are selling really well it today. The didn't even exist a month ago. For example there are sellers. That are creating pocket hugs. This is like a trinket that you send it to someone you love to give them a virtual hug and let them know that you're thinking of them and that's one of thousands of examples of products that are sellers have created That create whole new categories kind of out of thin air

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