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Soccer's back soccer's back like we've watched it. We've seen it's. Forty minutes worth of it. Those the they fly by five hundred minutes fly by really yeah, especially when they're broken down in segments good. I'm glad they took my advice on that because I know the original plan was every match one after the continuously? Yeah, the the ninety ninety minute was was controversial, but I'm glad they went with it. You know it's every now and again I have good ideas. Any any who Mike. We have lots to talk about as we record. This are six matches into the Challenge Cup tournament. Every team is have Janssen play. What's four teams have played twice us, or we're going to dig into. These gives quick reactions and have look forward to to the next up around imagine by kicking off the. Match on CBS. Half a million people tuned in to watch North Carolina Courage Portland Mozart. Most watched. Time incredible and it'd be so much of all time. It was a higher view than a few EPL matches. That happened that day. It was a all cases a pretty strong success of course Mike I know. If you had your druthers, things, soccer wise would have done. A little courage defeated Portland thorns two to one. This thing was scoreless. Seventy five minutes in for Denia scored off of Haley Mace Cross Italy trying to watch so much soccer in the last couple of days, trying to like the July's all the goals correctly of course, Charlotte equalizing in the eightieth minute Lynn Will Williams putting North Carolina ahead in. In stoppage, time I'm just going to cut right over to you. First Match Back Challenge Cup immediate reactions. This was incredible and I say this is the thorns fan heard about the loss, but this was a fantastic match. You know you've got a big rivalry between the courage and the thorns lot of history there, we didn't know what it would look like with. You know such a long hiatus structure to the preseason, but it didn't disappoint new look lot of new faces for the thorns, but I think they exceeded a lot of expectations, goalkeeper bill, bixby and her and wwl debut had some phenomenal saves against you know. Courage onslaught, tons set pieces good work in the midfield by Lindsay Horon Rocky Rodriguez. The courage didn't quite look like the courage that we're used to. It wasn't quite the smooth billed from the back fast pace attack that we've come to know one love that being said they found a way to to make it happen, and their crosses into the box were lethal, and that's got the job done for them. Yeah I think a theme because we're obviously talking about the courage again toward the end of this I, think team on sing with North Carolina. They're known for their depth. They're known for their cardio. They're known for their technical skill level. And obviously just having a deep deep deep roster, topics, players, and it just always seems to come down to the same two or three people. With things close out I mean you're talking about a phenomenal group of talented players. The end the day comes down to Denia and. Then Williams. It's interesting. It really isn't ensemble and I. I think I think they did great work, but but you're right. It came down to that, and you know Lynn Williams's well on her way to. Showing up SAM curve the for the Golden Boot of the tournament at least. Yeah I at this point I'm. Talking about we're talking three goals at two games, it's you know it's obviously phenomenal performance on her independence looking well. Haley Haley Mason Samuel Ev looks really strong on the distribution end I think that they look pretty locked in there I think I'm Portland's, and it's hard to say there weren't too many heavy. This isn't necessarily the case where I think you're looking t better, dead or a lot of ways i. feel like Portland made a handful of mistakes that led them to give up two late goals True and one thing you have to say for Portland to not only are they coming in with a largely new team They've gotten hit. Pretty hard by the injury bug. You know we had eighty franch this out of the tournament. number one draft Sophea Smith didn't play. We don't know when we're going to see her. So we saw a lot of new faces, and they still put up a good fight. No, absolutely I actually one thing. I really came to Portland After this match, they were one of the most. It was one of the most sound defensive performances we'd seen across all the matches. We watch so far like I said I just think this. This was a case where the courage were able to take their strengths finder blemish where they could fit something in They're just phenomenally talented. When it comes to responding to cross well laser accuracy with that, you know finding people and bill each something that the bread butter, too, and they were able to connect it right the right time toward the end of the match I. They knew that they're conditioning. Just with depth of their roster helped them a lot which makes their most recent match all the more interesting overall i. Definitely felt like a good showing on both ends in, and really was a tough break. This is definitely it really would have benefited Portland to get points here and yeah. Yeah stoppage it was e can't get more dramatic, so it was. It lived up. Tech speculations

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