Deshaun Watson endorses Houston Texans' potential Antonio Brown pursuit, even if the franchise hasn't shown interest


Brown now, so there was some videos of him working out with Russell Wilson earlier this offseason. We've seen Antonio Brown working out with Lamar Jackson. Now to the Texans, maybe have some interest. We know their quarterback DeShaun Watson looks interested. Shawn Watson responded to a tweet from former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. And what Shad Johnson tweeted a B to the Texans would like a prayer. Emoji link, I guess praying it happens. And this John Watson's tweet was basically a Mame of you know, Drake looking like, Really, I'm intrigued. I got intrigued type of look. Here's the reality. But the Texan sign Antonio Brown, then shame on Bill O'Brien. You cannot justify signing a bee in the same off season that you shipped away DeAndre Hopkins for nothing for David Johnson's contract in a second round pick, You cannot trade away the game's best wide receiver and then bring in a guy like Antonio Brown. Who is a locker room cancer. You can't do it. You can't justify it. Let's ignore the off the field stuff with a B and the suspension that's likely coming to the guy. Let's just talk about what he did the last year and 1/2. From alienating himself in Pittsburgh and missing a winner Go home Week 17 game. You then going to the Raiders and hurting himself by freezing his foot off. So then having an issue with the NFL helmet rule. To getting into with Mike. May I threatening to punch the guy? You secretly recording Jon Gruden. And then releasing a video after the Raiders finally released him and maybe be like I'm free. I'm free as it playing for the Raiders, making $15 million was, you know being kept in, you know. Unlivable conditions that Antonio Brown was in such a terrible life situation. He's finally free. That's what you get on the field, or, I guess technically off the field with the Raiders last year. We all know about the alleged crimes, and this guy has committed the lawsuit she's dealing with, so he's facing a suspension and you're the Texans and you're going to sign Antonio Brown Anthea traded away, arguably the game's best wide receiver. Who has never been and off the field malcontent who has always done the right thing in the Houston community, You can't sell Texans fans on Antonio Brown. If you traded away, DeAndre Hopkins, you just can't do it. Why would you trade away Hopkins to take a chance on Abie, who's facing a suspension? And we all know at some point Something's going to go wrong because it always goes wrong. For Antonio Brown. I mean, you cannot At any under any circumstance signed this guy. When everything we've heard from Bill O'Brien is he wants character guys, Bill O'Brien's cliche lines in every press conference. I've been out with him smart, dependable, reliable, tough football players. That's what we want. Antonio Brown is the opposite of every trade Bill O'Brien says he wants to be the biggest hypocrite. GM Bill O'Brien signs Antonio Brown. You can't do it. You just can't I don't care. Baby wants to play for nothing that sends the wrong message to the entire locker room. You traded DeAndre Hopkins. You gotta live with that. You deal with brains and cooks. You have will fuller Let's go figure it out. Yeah. Kenny Stills, Kiki cuties motivated to come back and play well in his third season. You made your bed now you gotta lie in it. Bring in Antonio Brown when there's going to be a condensed training camp. You think this guy's gonna follow social distancing guidelines? No shot Antonio Brown. We had every strip club in Houston by week three. It's called for what it is. He's the last guy the Texans need right now. That's the type of signing that alienated the entire locker room.

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