They call him covert parties at which they intentionally infect each other.


The study found the drug significantly decreased the death rate of patients. The study analyzed 2500 hospitalized patients and found 13% of those treated with hydroxide chlorine. Quinn died while 26% of those who did not receive the drug. Died. Former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is receiving treatment for Corona virus at an Atlanta area hospital, according to a statement posted to his Twitter account. Cane is a contributor to several media outlets, and he said he had developed symptoms Syrians enough to require hospitalization Florida adding 10,109 cases of Corona virus Today, it is a new record for Florida, making it ninth in the ninth consecutive day that at least 5000 new cases have been counted there. Here in Michigan. Health authorities just releasing the new covert numbers for today, with an increase of 543 cases today of covert 19 and 15 deaths. That brings the total number of cases of covert 19 in Michigan to 64,675 and the death toll standing at 5966. Authorities in one Alabama county may have identified a possible source for their increase in covert cases covert parties thrown by college students. Tuscaloosa City counselor Sonya McKinstry, telling ABC News that the students have been organizing these events. They call him covert parties at which they intentionally infect each other. They put money in a pot, she says. They try to get covert. And whoever gets it first gets the pot. It makes no sense, according to her county health officials say three employees of the Red Robin restaurant in Clinton township of tested positive for covert 19 The restaurant is open today for curbside pickup. Hugh Downs has died down was one of TV's most familiar faces, hosting both the Today show on NBC and 2020 and a bit on ABC in his career. At one point, he held down the record for most hours on TV 10,000 a record later broken by reaches Philbin. Hugh Downs was 99. House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, taking steps to protect statues and monuments, following several recent incidents of vandalism against Confederate and other symbols. Here's Linda Kenyon to report Leader. McCarthy's bill would withhold federal funding from states and cities that failed to enforce laws protecting statues and monuments.

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