Seattle Mariners Announce 60-Game Schedule For Shortened 2020 Season


League Baseball due out with its 60 game schedule some time this afternoon, we already know the Seattle Mariners will play clubs in the A L and NL West to avoid long road trips during the pandemic. With a three week summer camp. Many teams plan to use five or six man starting pitching rotations. The Mariners Justin Dunne says he'll be ready for whatever role that club has in mind. As long as my name's on the conversation, make the decision tough. At the end of the day for skipping Woody toe, either from my name and take my name out, but just do everything I can date and day out. Give the best audition possible. The EMS continue their workouts A T Mobile park, adhering to Corona virus guidelines with staggered workouts in the morning and afternoon wearing facemasks and not spitting an adjustment for first basement Evan White, the whole spinning thing. And you know, looking the fingers playing first base and I want to be able to have a grip on ball, where some dumb for my entire baseball life. So I'm something takes getting used to. And Cleveland manager Terry Francona pushing for that club to change its Indians nickname, Francona says the climate is right to move forward from a racially insensitive moniker.

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