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We're covering the things that we haven't gotten to really mean to get to man that feeling that you know that that feeling that it needs scratched of wanting to get around to stuff. You know my desk and I really thought for sure since I'm not traveling that I would. I would get it taken care of. And I started I was down like a couple of inches of paper bilge that builds up on my desk. I was down a couple inches. Yes, I'm going to see the surface of this desk before before. This virus releases us from its grip, and now it's super building back up again. Yeah Yeah. Yeah, it's frustrating. I! Do want to point out. Somebody has gotten something done. which is that Tony Anita? Hull took the initiative and went and ask our listeners before we recorded this show what they haven't gotten to or have been meaning to get to in their lives. And so with that in mind, I wanNA, bring Tony Anita Hill up to the Mike Tony on double duty this week. We have another thing for you later. What's on, but this one? You don't have to wear a pep blows for what's on the hot sheet. What our listeners saying? They haven't done to okay so Stephanie. Lundgren wrote I moved right before the stay at home order and I thought for sure I'd be completely unpacked and organized by now. I've been working from home, so it's not at all free time, but still. I See Oh Yeah. Oh that's the worst feeling as a person who struggles with OCD not being unpacked. I, have to tell you Stephanie. I think I was in one house for twelve years before I unpacked the last box. There's always a one box. That just has stuff that you probably never should have brought with you from the last place. Just. Couldn't you just couldn't think it and say goodbye, and so you still have it? And just sits around in a box for Twelve Years Until the cats pee in that box. That's usually that's usually what motivates we. We have a similar problem in this household and in some ways. It's worse because we bought this house. I'm going to say eight or nine years ago. and. We were living in an apartment before then and literally three weeks before we were supposed to leave the apartment and moved into. This house a pipe behind. Washing machine in our apartment burst, the whole place flooded dip fire department had to come and because of the water remediation. Process we weren't able to pack up our old apartment to move here. That had to be done by professionals. Wow! I didn't know there was such a thing. And some of those boxes were some. are still in our garage. Things wet, so you have boxes of wet belongings in your. Oh, you got to get those out you can. Boxes of wet belonging like a growth of mold. Bax Airs what you got. No, no, it's not the belongings. Themselves weren't wet. I want to point out that the flooding apartment wasn't like knee deep or anything, but it was A. Damaged the floor and stuff like that. No, that was a big flood I. Remember that I. Remember finding you and Jeannie. In the middle of the apartment in a tiny ship. And the Terni should talk to. Our tour! Wow So. There were professional packers. What does that have to do with the fact that you didn't open the boxes and take the stuff out I mean? Did it matter who put it in the box? Did you guys say to each other? It's not touched that professional packers put it in. No movers, the movers were allowed into put everything into boxes. My point is that because we didn't have time to pack up our own apartment all the crap that we were going to get rid of ended up being transferred to our new house. And you just haven't got around to. Condie, what was what was it? Marie CONDIE ING it. I didn't Murray Condo. It yet Maury Condo. What is it Tony is it? It's Murray Condo.

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