White couple arrested after pulling gun on Black family


Oakland Oakland County County couple couple now now facing facing Polonius Polonius assault assault charges charges after after pointing pointing a a gun gun at at a a black black woman woman and and her her daughters daughters that that cell cell phone phone video video has has now now gone gone viral. viral. This's not James John Hewitt reports, although their conduct was deemed criminal by the Oakland County prosecutor's office. 32 year old Gillian Woo. Stenberg and her 42 year old husband, Eric, of Independence Township are both legally licensed gun holders with no criminal histories. Still, each now faces a charge of phony is assault punishable by up to four years in prison. The worst in birds, who are white, are seen on video pointing guns at a Pontiac mother and her daughters who are black. The confrontation happening Wednesday night outside of a chipotle restaurant in Orient Township. In announcing the charging decision. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard noted that his department has received calls from the public on both sides of this incident, which has clearly been polarizing. Leading the sheriff to call for calm. I guess my plea is Please let us all try to be that voice of calm. In the storm. And remember each one of us. Is a human being. That

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