NBA Players Dropping Like Flies + Covid, MLB IS BACK, WTH Internet Graphic, RANKED: Schoolyard Games, and What the Puck - burst 7


Floor hockey I. Don't know if this technically have wasn't. That wasn't a a recess game. It's a Gen class game, right? It's a gym class game four talking gym class. I change my list. I might have stretched it. We weren't very particular. Allow it, but like if we're talking gym class, Games that I ever talked Hickel Ball. We're talking volleyball like the go gym volleyball Mike. Don't get me started so floor hockey for me was incredible I. Don't know at our school. It was like a lead and I'm sure Eagleson are Canadian producers. blushing right now, thinking about me, playing hockey might even get a little central on the pod, but floor hockey incredible. Incredible activity and I was quite good. So I am shocked. You didn't pick this my number one just an all

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