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As President Trump's national security advisor John Bolton spent many of his four hundred fifty three days in the room where it happened, which also happens to be the title of his new book, the room where it happened a White House memoir in the book he shows the president. Addicted to chaos, who embraced our enemies, and spurned our friends was deeply suspicious of his own government, and for whom getting reelected, was the only thing that mattered even if it meant endangering or weakening the nation. Almost from its inception, the book touched off a war of words between the president and his former advisor with trump, denouncing Bolton as a traitor, threatening to throw him in prison, and alternately claiming that Bolton's memoir is full of lies and or classified information but John Bolton says the facts speak for themselves and today Ambassador Bolton joins me on the show to reveal what he witnessed during his seventeen tumultuous months in the trump White House we talk about President Trump's bizarre obsession with authoritarian strongmen and his. His overall lack of interest in advancing freedom and human rights olten reveals how he reacted to trump's eagerness to meet with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Hoon, why the second North Korea summit was put together so hastily, and what took place behind closed doors in trump's infamous one on one meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. He says the president rarely ever reads recalls his frustrations at trying to educate trump about history and foreign policy and opens up about the numerous times. He considered resigning as trump's. Security Advisor before he finally reached his breaking point less, he weighs in on whether trump would willingly step down if defeated in November. Coming up with Ambassador John Bolton in just a moment. John Bolton has spent many years of his career in public service and held high level positions in the administrations of presidents. Ronald, Reagan George H W Bush and George W Bush. He served as the United States ambassador to the United Nations from two thousand five to two thousand six, and is the former national security advisor to President, Donald Trump, and experience that he. He writes about in his explosive new book titled The Room where it happened a white. House Memoir Ambassador Bolton thanks for joining me well. Glad glad you invited me glad to be here. We'll ambassador Bolton. This book has gotten a ton of attention and has been the subject of much speculation really since the beginning of the year, the president has attacked you calling. Calling you a traitor and saying that this book is full of lies in classified information, but you defended as a factual account of your seventeen months. Trump's national security advisor and I have to say that some of the revelations in here strike me as highly credible and honestly absolutely stunning. Now it's been well documented that for you. The straw that broke the camel's. Camel's back so to speak was trump's plan to hold peace talks with the Taliban at Camp. David just days before nine eleven. However you say in the book that it was hardly the first time that you considered resigning. How many times in those seventeen months did you almost resign? And what were the events? That caused you to think about stepping down each time? Well, it was a long series of of events that wasn't It's not nearly as dramatic as the west wing of. Districts and whatnot. It's a it's a thought process and. It's it's a personal calculation is to How do you think you can continue tribute on the issues? You're responsible for versus watching the president behave in the way they did. It really was a series of Basically philosophical in substantive differences, but compounded by. The president's unstructured on disorderly way of going about decision making so you put all that together. And eventually it got to the point where I just felt there wasn't anything further. I was contributing. And you say in here that one of the biggest sources of frustration for you was the president's astounding. Of Policy and history and just general lack of interest in learning the information, necessary to enact an effective agenda to work with his own military and intelligence officials in to engage productively with other world leaders. You describe a president who rarely? Only holds intelligence briefings once or twice a week doesn't really pay attention dresses, personal friends and Fox News pundits more than his own advisers and just exhibits a fundamental lack of curiosity about things that a president ought to know that has to have made your job all the more difficult, so when you need to get trump's attention on something or explain a particular geopolitical situation or policy. How would you go about

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