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Hello everyone. My name is Jonathan, Durham, Bush, and now anytime. I do this show with Jeff Garcia. I think about my intro cadence, but nonetheless I'm GONNA. Roll read through it. I'm joined this week by wonderful panel including Janet Hey, Jen, but that you've got me in my head now every time it's amazing. Today, it's great. You're also during this week by Brian Altana. Hey, what's? Everyone. As they say three of us and we're also joined by Mitchell Saltzman. Hey Mitchell beyond. Hello, and welcome wanted to do my supposed to say yeah, you did. Up So, yeah! On shore years I was forget, and since we did all mess up. If you were wondering you're listening to podcasts beyond weekly playstation show and this episode, we are going to be all about ghost of Sushi ma I know this episodes coming out before the game is out. This is coinciding with the review embargo that has now lifted for the game, so we. We will be staying spoiler free essentially, basically outside of anything you've probably seen in a trailer, or that's been discussing are reviewing video review keeping there? Don't worry won't be saying anything about the end of the game where characters end up. What characters in the game anything about allies cameo none of it. We're GONNA. Keep it all spoiler free. Don't worry. Crap. Anyway cut this and we'll restart We are going to keep their free. Don't worry, but we'll be diving into our thoughts on the game. Play the story of the world all that Jazz. But of course I want to start off by talking about because you reviewed Gosta Sushi muscle. Why don't you tell us first of all? Sorta what you gave it your general thoughts about it. Yes, sure I gave it a nine I. Think this game is excellent. It does things that I think are are clever solutions to problems that I see a lot of other open. World Action Adventure Games do. At the same time there are couple things that I don't like all that much I think I looked at the Rana show. We'll get to it. But I think by and large sucker punch. Did something really amazing with this game and it's got I think the best combat of any of these big open. World Action Games. I've ever played at the very least the best sword combat, the best bit blade to blade combat. Maybe I could I could say that that man might might still hold the crown in terms of my opinion on that, but in terms of swords man goes to Sheila's really good. I love that are back of the box in terms of sorts. got a good. No. Yeah, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to the combat, the stealth the world design all this stuff. I think we're saying as Mitchell's mentioning. This was developed by Sucker Punch They beat game in two thousand seventeen at the Paris Games week showcase back then This is their first full release. Since infamous second son, they had the infamous first light. DLC that was sort of standalone that came out afterward. Afterward, but this is basically their first game since the early days of the PS four, so it's been a while since we've heard of them. Of course, they've done a psych, cooper and infamous and some other franchises, but this is their big return to form after a few years of quiet, and I would say on the whole There's a lot love talk about this game and so I to sort of talk at large. At first I think talking about as an open world game, because as Mitchell was saying I think a lot of the the best part of this game for personally are in world design. I'm and I definitely want to hear from. All of you just wanted to send it off for me. What this game does so well is I. think since breath of the wild. This is the first game to really lean into and make great use of the idea of really naturalistic exploration. Exploration where you see a thing on the map and you go I wanNA. Know what that is going to go. Look at it, and it's most of the time pretty rewarding to go do so whether it's getting you a new item or a collectible or showing you a cool new area or something like that I think the world design is so great at naturally encouraging you to explore it a Jennifer. I'll start with. What have you thought about as you played the game? Of exploring this World Yeah I've gotten hot and cold on. It it just kind of it. It's changed over time as I sort of exported more, but my initial impression was like Oh. This is really really fun. I do think it's really well integrated because basically these different areas of the map for like your way remain missions are so you might have one mission, and then another one way farther out, and there is fast travel, but because you have to open those. Those points up. It takes a while initially to get from point a to point B on your way like as you see stuff, you just kind of naturally. Go on and explore it. One thing I really did enjoy about it was. There is constantly like groups of enemies that are just kind of rolling out in the open, and you can choose whether or not you want to engage with them and fighting them gives you experience that you can use to like upgrade. Many? Las Guilty so great, so choose any of them, and you can kind of you. You are incentivized for doing that stuff I will say without getting too much into it because I want to hear from everyone. Else's well I think with the biggest drawback for me is unlike other really good open world games like we wanted to make the breath a wild comparison. When you do start finding stuff, it feels a little bit less surprising than it initially seemed. So at first you're like. ooh, there's something on this side or like. There's a little shrine area or like you know a place where people have a camp, ground or something, but it's like Oh, you know next to the fire is a collectible, or on these kind of it takes some of the magic way for me when it ends up being so in your face based on the marketing. I kind of thought the collectibles would be a little bit more. Interestingly placed and I feel like once you do end up discovering what they you discover. A kind of takes a little bit away from the magic, so it's it's a bit of a mix for me is ultimately where I land. Ryan. What about you? I really like this world. It's It's I. Don't think it quite hits the highs of breath of the wild in terms of. Exploration reversal, but I think it's probably second place in in terms of. Like. Imploring you to. Uncover things on the map. The way that things flow as as Janet alluded to is essentially you. You have this giant math that's covered in fog and as you travel across it. You open up more areas, but also there are sort of dynamic encounters that happened along the map, and then of happened through stories and. Jan said if there's a group of bad guys and they're walking down the street, but they have like a or second row down a street yet. It'll be a street some They have basically like a hostage that they put their. If you kill everyone in Utah that hostage, they will tell you sometimes better point of interest on the map, which will open up a question, mark or something else, and by doing all that on you start to slowly fill out these stories of people telling you things that are happening all of that, and I found I found that really really fascinating I think that the The way. This game uses wind to you. In the direction you want to go is brilliant. It's to me at first. It was sort of like gimmicky thing that I was like Oh. This this is just a way point thing, but what it does is essentially clear off your you is you don't have these giant Neon Garish ugly arrows Oliver. Everything instead. You were watching the way the trees bend and flow and you can. Can set that way point two stories to side quest to collectibles as you unlock things, and so I really like that I think like riding on horseback is for the most part really fun. It doesn't really get wonky I found myself running around on foot a lot because I just I liked exploring I think it's like it's less interesting than something like breath of the wild because he doesn't have magic in it and. Sorcerers and we're. It's GR- founded. Yes, were grounded. Yeah, so you don't like. This is not even like a you know when you're playing. Tomb Raider game and you get to the end of the game and you have to fight like a monster. This really none of that in this game like this is. This is constantly reminding you have granite is even like you'll do. Side quests for somebody will be like there's ghosts in the forest, and you're like other isn't I'll take a look dory, but goes. There's might that name being on the box I. Think what it treats in that magic for just a beautiful world, but yeah, it absolutely is, there's a there's a lot of openness to it and baroness, and not in a bad way for me at least

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