Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says kids should return to school, in-person classes

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There are now three point two million cases and nearly one hundred thirty six thousand fatalities here in the US. On Saturday Texas and North Carolina reported their highest single day increases in new cases and hospitalizations in Florida, where cases have been on the rice. Memorial, day weekend Governor Rhonda Santa's ordered public schools to reopen next month. He's among the multiple Republican governors bowing to trump who's now threatening to cut off federal funding for schools if they don't reopen for potentially dangerous in person classes. This is the same donald trump who, for the first time during this pandemic finally wore mass in public. He wore during a visit with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. Medical Center where masks are required for entry. It only took them five months and one hundred and thirty, five thousand American deaths, and begging and pleading from his own party administration. But he's still fighting the science. Claiming that the CDC guidelines for reopening too strict. But the CDC director refused to give in to trump's demands to revise the guidelines in this morning education. Secretary Betsy Devos who has a reminder, does not have a background in either education or medicine said it's time to go back to school. Kids need to get back to school. They need to get back in the classroom. Families need for kids to get back in the classroom and it can be done safely. I know for a fact that there are many schools that have been working hard to put together their plans for moving ahead, and we want to see every school district every state, doing the same thing to say not why we can't do but what we're going to do, and what we can do were country of action. We're a country of doers. Okay, let me. Leaders who can work hard and figure this out?

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