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Fort Lee, Manhattan And Cody discussed on Howie Carr


That was so great talking to a guy and he also he busted up so bad and you know what they were thinking you know when he tried to converse with them because he he just bought the utility he hadn't really humiliated them but they knew they were going to get a us holding a stern lecture when they got back to the network backed up thirty or life or whatever the hell they are they used to be in Fort Lee I thank but they're they're not that I don't know I think they're in Manhattan now but the he busted up so good they they were just all that work virtue signalling and you know what that's that's something about a mask on mask is it is the way that you show it's like wearing it it's like with the old pink you know what happens remember those that's what I'm asking is now you show that you are a member of the resistance you're not resisting the Cody the war on the red death you're resisting Donald J. trump by wearing that mask that's what it's all about we all know that and he busted and they were gonna catch hell from Phil Griffin or one of those other ride touchy feely MSNBC exactly how many how many of those sexual predators to think if they still have it at NBC I don't have that were so many of them I don't think they clear them all out there still a bunch.

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