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Washington, DC mayor says using force on protesters outside White House before curfew is 'shameful'


More from the Senate today democratic leader from New York Chuck Schumer we are living through a tale of two crises Corbett and racial justice and president trump has been a Milton miserable failure and handling both of them last night the scene in Washington DC may have provided the enduring portrait of the trump presidency well peaceful way binding citizens were exercising their constitutional right to protest in a public park across from the White House president trump ordered federal troops to clear those peaceful crowds with tear gas and rubber bullets so that he could charge a few blocks from the White House to stand in front of the church not to go inside but for a photo op the president's relentless need to make a weak man feel strong let him to order federal law enforcement officers to gas peacefully assembled Americans snowing so we could see his way to a church photo op it led him to order federal officers to gas peacefully assembled Americans so that he could sneak his way to a church for a photo op after the gas can the horses a modern day cavalry with clearing the battlefield the purpose so president trump could wave a Bible not read a Bible not even his Bible as a prop it was appalling that's from the Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer and here in Washington mayor Muriel Bowser saying that moment last night was in her words shameful this is what it sounded like will follow that with her the comments by the DC mayor this is what I I I hope and I know and what we observed last night what we observed last night is out protesters largely complying with the curfew and we're gonna employ them to comply with the curfew again the curfew is seven PM that doesn't mean you're leaving at seven PM that means you're off the street at seven PM on and is very important that everybody complies with the curfew there are exceptions if you are essential if you're working if you're voting I didn't you are are able to do all of those things but we're asking people to comply with the curfew

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