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Los Angeles Police Chief Apologizes For Stating George Floyd’s Death Is On Looters’ Hands


Three LA's bear says pieces earned one we embrace the idea of justice Eric Garcetti's calling on people across the city to have conversations about race and about racial injustice have them in your workplace and in your neighborhood have them in your church and wherever you are if we don't acknowledge that a black woman is four times more likely to die because she wants to bring a child into this world than a white woman then we can't see that we don't see that if you're a black man in Los Angeles you're ten times more likely to be homeless than if you're white man we can't see that Garcetti also said he supports LAPD chief Michael Moore and says he knows the chief misspoke when he said last night that looters had the death of George Floyd on their hands the chief did try to walk that comment back minutes after it saying

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