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Hello and welcome to misinformation Trivia podcast for ladies and gents who love Cool Trivia. Sticking it to annoying teams pop quiz. We're hosts I'm Lauren. I'm Julia Hey. Joel Hi Laurin. Referring we're still recording from afar. Yeah, and you know what I listen to our first episode were recorded from afar, and while I feel like we needed. You know we got. We needed some getting used to. But I think it sounded pretty good. Yeah, yeah, it's fine. It's fine. It's a free podcast. Twenty all want from us. Yeah exactly. We're all very stressed out. Yeah Yeah Yeah everyone stressed out. You know what that's understandable. It's a weird time and it's. It's not. SUPERFUND right now. So, what are you GonNa do, but you you're going to. You're going to pull us out of this and there's GonNa. Be Something Fun. You'RE GONNA share with us today. Is that correct? That is correct great. They for that great intro so. I've been thinking about it all day. We're all home her trying to figure out ways to you know, entertain ourselves more And I decided to cover a topic this week. That it things about it do come up and trivial a lot so day. This episode is called play your cards right. WHO owns. This is trivia about playing cards interesting I. Don't know a lot about well I'm not a big card player. I'm not a big game person too I. Mean we've talked about this, but I have rarely played a card game, so I'm not that familiar with. Most things about cards so I'm excited, well great. I'm not GonNa talk too much about. Different Card Games per se I. Am GonNa Wind detail, but I'm talking more about like the actual cards themselves. Okay cool so. If you remember in Mr, information to Turbo back from two thousand nineteen. Who could forget? Steve covered the history of playing cards like their origin started in China. They made a to Europe. There's different styles The Germans have different symbols on their cards than the Italians do that kind of thing. Interested in that kind of stuff. Please go back to that episode where he did a great job of covering that. Also there's a really great article. I read on collectors weekly by Simon wintel. It's called the evolution history imagery of playing cards, those published in April, two thousand eight, and there's a lot of great information there, too. Also collectors weekly a surprisingly great resource and excellent publication. I love it. I will digress for a moment so anytime. Anybody talks about how they're afraid of clowns. Yes, I send them this really amazing article from collectors weekly that tops out how? She started as like a trope, and you know the the renaissance period, and how got filtered down, and how they appeared in operas, and what this type of clown, and that type of climate and like clowns actually like weren't actually scary until John Wayne Gay it. True like. Clowns were fine. People like them. That's why when we look back at like our parents at birthday parties when they were little and we're like. What does that thing like? No people liked clowns. Then they were, they were not. Is this source of fear that they are today? It seems but Yeah No. I send that article out. Probably like a couple times a year to people. Yes, I remember using sites great site fabulous site. Shadow to collectors. Anyway back to cards, please. The cards that we use that. We think of as playing cards especially here in North America, but also most most card games at this point used what are called the French suited cards, so there are four suits, hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Each suit usually has three picture cards. Those face cards the King Queen and Jack, and then numeral cards from ace, all the way to ten some packs that like special have like fewer or different numerals pursuit, but when we talk about French suited cards a fifty two card deck. That's this is where we're heading. So the graphic symbols that's the hearts, diamonds clubs spades. They're called pips. Like you just like on a die, like all the dots on a diet. On a pair of dice or a single diet, they're called pips as well so the letter or number that you see in the top corner of Card, is called an index, so that players can identify their cards without having to spread them so widely as to risk exposure of their cards to opponents. Oh, that makes a Lotta Sense. and, though French suited cards are again. They're the most common playing cards that are used internationally. There are a lot of countries or regions that use their own regional cards that are preferred many games, but none of those have fifty two cards like when you're talking to fifty hardback. It's a French suited pack. And they almost always come with at least additional special cards, nowadays again called a joker, the long any suit. And they are required for some games and some games that use jokers require them to be distinguishable from one another, so in a lot of modern packs. The jokers are printed in different colors. You might have one that's red and when this blacker when the? Plane and one that's colored where they're given different pictures.

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