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But in the end as is often the case turnovers were crucial five for Minnesota


Just a little more than four years after the city was nearly destroyed by hurricane Katrina drew Brees knew it was a victory that was about more than just football obviously what it's meant to the city of New Orleans just everything that we've all gone through here the last four years post Katrina you know so many people have put so much hope and faith in our team and and and and we've gained so much strength you know because that and and and really looked at it as a as a sense of responsibility to them to you know give them a championship that they deserve and and now we have an opportunity at and they take it defeating Peyton manning and the colts thirty one to seventeen seventy six five four three two the new this Jim Henderson and Hokie guys John on W. W. L. in New Orleans the first and still only Super Bowl appearance and victory for the saints who've

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