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How to Get a Good Digital Marketing Intern | Ep. #1401


Up your marketing knowledge with your instructors. Neil Patel and Eric Su. Hey Margie school listeners. I have an interesting stat for you. Did you know that Walmart improved their conversion rate by two percent for every second that the improve their low time in other words, website speed helps with conversions in addition to that google uses it to determine where your site ranks in their index. The faster website loads the higher. You'll rink for that reason I want to talk to. To you today about a company called Dream House Dream Hose powers the web with fast websites and superior customer service brought to you by team of Web, experts or super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer. Just remarking school listeners, all you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today. We're GONNA talk about how to get a good digital marketing intern so i. we should define. What are you and I? Think is a good marketing intern. Someone who is self sufficient. Right so that way they don't need to be hand holded someone who is a really fast learner someone who can learn on their own which gets into self sufficiency. And someone who's a really quick, execute her. Yeah, I mean that's pretty much it. If you think about it meal and I would want someone by the way like those of you that are coming out. You're graduating this year. Who knows what's GonNa Happen? If you're looking for a good internship, let Neil know because we're always looking for good insurance, so growth oriented person has to be very hungry, looking to learn looking to get better all the time. Ideally, you're telling US things that. That we don't know because if you come to us and you surprises with something that we don't know like a new idea, and you offer to execute on the idea that so much more valuable, so it's not even just pointing out the problems, but coming with solution. That's how you get promoted, and that's how you get to do really cool stuff, because if you think about working with Neil or myself, we have all these different projects. Projects and we would love to plug in people that are really humble, hungry and smart and I think there's a lot of good interns at conference that can easily grow into people that are leading these projects as well. That's ultimately what we want and we've been fortunate to work with a lot of people. You can speak to a couple of people that are still helping today that started working for free, and now they're kind of running. Running things for you, that's correct, yes, or no a lot of people who start out for free, and but they weren't really entrance. The most of those people are already previous. Experience I. Myself Don't use really too many interns go here. I'll start with I. Do know that you end up doing it and you've had good luck with that right I've had I just haven't had the time with it because it's already have tennis staff. Was the last thing I want to do is have more people to manage first off. What's your process of finding these entrance? Yeah, so here's how we do it. I mean I think look thinking about Neil right now. He probably has operations people that are focused on a program, but is probably shut down right now, so some of the best people that you're gonNA. Get are GonNA come from the internship program, so always think about that or us what we do is we have a partnership with USC. USC on because I I teach there every now and then, and even with pepperdine as well so if you can go to your local colleges and even speak the mid, be like hey, I want I I want to funnel some people in kind of what we're doing. That's always good and what we do is we also post to local college boards to so in La? At least when you Post College Board actually can post to Oldham like UCLA USC in all these that actually yields good results, but What I would say is in the past. What's worked out? The best for us has been angel as some of the best people that I've ever worked with that emerged from internships. The one guy mentioned before that works for Gary v now Raghav. He wrote in eight thousand word blog post. He went to School University of Michigan Super. SMART, Guy and eight thousand four blog post actually taught me. Me Things that I didn't know, and I agreed with. He's at Hey. How would I help you do it, so you show initiative you show me something that show me the problems, and then you offer to solve the solution. That's how we got these people. So Angel has been really really good. I, still continue to hear good things about it, and we still continue to post to angel list. Okay. So then you get your insurance firm there I'm assuming most people either want at marketing or they WANNA test it out, but they don't have the most marketing experience or else they wouldn't be insurance. Yup, so, what do you do to make sure that they're actually valuable? And you're getting results from them. We also benefits them in their career. Versus you having to sit there and train them all the time. Yeah, I think that's the most important thing. Thing the training, so yes, you can have a good hiring processes source these people, but if you don't train them really well, you're going to be screwed, so you know what we do when they come in is sure. Yeah, we make them read a couple of things we may go through a certification. That's one piece of it like sure. Go through digital marketer or go through whatever certifications proved that you did it and write a summary on it. That's actually doing homework, but let's say they're doing their turning to be paid media manager. What will happen afterwards? Is You know what they actually have to shadow people that are actually doing the work right now. And then they actually have to do the work and will evaluate the work to see how good the workers because you can get all these certifications, but if you are actually doing the work that we have to say goodbye, so it goes from a stringent hiring process to studying getting some sort agents, actually shadowing than actually doing the work and getting evaluated on it, and then what do you do in the? The long run, let's say the intern works out. What would you do if they don't work out? I'm assuming you just let him go. Yeah, they don't work out. We let them go, but if they do work out, which more often than not they do, work out which is why like I love the internship process? They get a fulltime offer. Thus great any final words. NOPE, besides that guys go to marketing school dot io slash live. That's alive ee to fill out an application for our growth accelerator, which is virtual now but live. We'll come back eventually all right, so that's today and we will see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this of marketing school..

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