An early look at the 2020 electorate


With the next election Jones five months away pew research is out with a new survey on the demographics of the American electorate pues Brad Jones is on the KRLD news line Brad what did you find when it comes to U. S. voters by age it is time getting older as to how that benefits one party or the other is you know that older voters tend to be a little more Republican in their in their meetings although we've seen axing last distinction across large generational groupings among it and the oldest among basically R. three older generation the silent generation the baby boomers and generation X. with millennials sort of being distinct and and we didn't break out this nine generations these separately here but they also tend to be more democratic in their views and is it the case that there are actually more people a higher percentage of people who identify as independents Dan as Democrats or Republicans Brett yes whenever we measure partisan partisanship we do it in a two part question so we first ask people if they identify with one of the two major parties or if they consider themselves independent independent associate associate with with another another party party and and we've we've definitely definitely seen seen for for the the last last few few years years that that the the number number of of people people who who declined declined to and hi Jennifer I with either party has has been highest was there anything in this latest survey that she really jumped out at you you know I've I've always been interested in the and geographic distinctions in the country and that's that's something that has continued to all rights so we've we've seen across urban and urban communities that are increased movement toward the Democratic Party where those in rural communities have been moving more more toward the Republican Party BC that it in fact every part of the country and I I you know I did it maybe didn't surprise me but it was it was interesting to see those numbers so starkly that is Brad Jones from pew

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