Protests are underway across the United States over George Floyd's death - burst 2


The United States over the killing of George Floyd and tonight the US is bracing for a possible eighth night of unrest. Curfews already have been issued in New York, Washington DC Los Angeles and other major cities in an effort to prevent more violence, also Minnesota's governor has just announced the State Department of Human Rights will investigate the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of George Floyd's death to see if it has engaged in systematic discriminatory practices, targeting people of Color. Let's begin in Brooklyn New York right now. Our national correspondent Jason Carroll is joining US Jason Lots and lots of people protesting in the streets ahead of the curfew. That's scheduled to take effect in what just under three hours. Well, that's right wolf. Even before we gotta out here to Brooklyn and Manhattan we saw hundreds of demonstrators were already on the streets of. Manhattan more demonstrators out here in Brooklyn, those that we spoke to say that there's a real fear. Their part that their message is getting lost because of all of those images of vandalism and looting. Streets across the nation uneasy as protests continue for an eighth straight day.

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