On the Table Gaming Episode 81: ASOAIF TMG Terrain Breakdown with Lockie Carter


About Board Games, Card Games and tabletop wargame as chasing the table, gaming, and welcome back to episode eighty, one of the on the table, giving podcast and today I'm really excited to be joined by lockie. Carter who is an outstanding player from Australia and he's GonNa talk us through an often neglected part of of us, and for the mentors game you know we talk about balance and units and interplay, welcome list combinations and one of the big elements that you might forget is terrain and so I'm excited. Explore this topic and Lachie. Thank you so much coming on the podcast. Thank you for having man. Really really actually really cool to be on to be honest. You've been such a strong support of the Game Kinda representing the Australian Meta. Trying to. It's yeah, I kind of just can be quite bullheaded. Side by get out of there and let me get involved in communities. It locally with I think a a couple of the other local players have gotten up and start getting involved in the wider. International community. Fleet won't be just may well. That's amazing because I've always loved contributions. You've made on the facebook page. You've been sharing a lot in the past about like even like really detailed breakdowns of game modes and I and I love the way you approach the game, so you know. We asked a lot of people that we talked to the way people approach song, choice and fires often informed by other games. They've played and kind of their back experience now. How did you find your way to a song of ice and fire, the miniatures game, and and what sort of games have you played in the past? Well I found my way to a song of ice and fire, because I was looking for a medium to small scale fantasy game I had been looking for skirmish, but I couldn't find anything and Ash Baca from guerrilla. Miniature Games had a series of the song of ice on families for awhile and I just watched them for like them in the title. Fully based of will boys interest for I watch them, and then found myself watching them over and over again over the course of about three months, and then likes the minis are like they were detailed enough that I could get a get some death out of them. painting wise, but not Sir complicated that it would be a drag to paint them, and then the mechanics rarely really sort of grabbed me in a way I guess a described Ms Simple. In actual rules, complex execution has not that hard to learn, but then to master in mass to them. Do really well the game. You can get a lot of depth about how you. With Games apply I'm not really was. SORTA got me into it alongside. The tactics idea and the cards in the White House supplies. Background? Wise I a dude, still currently play a lot of competitive infinity I. Guess sort of involved in those communities as well I'm not so small scale sci-fi skirmish game, and it's got a really really on point on edge competitive community. That's quite international and. You have to be really like on edge with spatial awareness and sort of i. think someone mentioned it was like lodged working memory in the way that sociable plays into being aware what's happening on the table? What can happen on the table adjusting to it and just sort of sucks you in and I kind of find the same thing with this gang. So that's what can from nine the value that you bring it up. Because a lot of the top competitive players were seeing that seems to be kind of the theme is that they're coming from this infinity? Background RHONDA'S NEXT WHO ended up winning the? American National Championship at Pax unplugged. You know he had a strong infinity background. So that's definitely game where we're seeing people coming from that have a very particular set of skills. Just on fascinating, yeah I guess if I had to know it down to any one thing I think it would be the ability or the practice in thinking multiple steps ahead in the game, so in infinity. Does this reaction order in every time you do something? Your opponent can respond and so you constantly have to be thinking about if I do this. What will happen Annan Song of ice and fire? It's not as obvious, but that same element is there with the ultimate activation system like if I activate. This unit was going to happen elsewhere on the table type thing I'm. Probably credit that with the lodge source of UAE I guess we seem to be doing quite well. That's yeah, that's really interesting. Thinking about the game in such a complex where I think that's really evident in the way you talk about the game, particularly I'm thinking of some of your posts about game modes, and really trying to break things down so that people have like a foundation to work with and what I thought was really interesting.

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