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George Floyd protests spread nationwide


Civil unrest rocked dozens of cities across the country last night as demonstrators continue to express outrage over police killings of black Americans triggered by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody last week in many cities peaceful protests in the day turned into violent clashes with police at night fall in Minneapolis last night National Guard troops joined local and state police in a massive show of force to quell violent protests there but NPR's David Schaper reports there were relatively few reports of buildings being looted or set on fire after previous nights of chaos a few hundred people marched peacefully to protest the killing of George Floyd continuing for well over an hour past the state imposed curfew but as they cross the Mississippi River bridge from Minneapolis and St Paul reading police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd protest groups in other parts of Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota Miller feeders of the word is used a heavy police presence in more than four thousand National Guard troops to strictly enforce the curfew in the streets appeared to grow more calm as the night wore on this after several previous nights of mayhem of some neighborhoods torched in scars David Schaper NPR news Minneapolis National Guard soldiers patrolled the streets of Los Angeles early today as the city cleans up after a night of violence NPR's wildly psych how tell reports California governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles county like many cities across the country peaceful protests turned dangerous Floyd Lewis of LA watch the actions from a safe distance very cannot be exploding police cars and police chasing people up and down the street this has to be a man's life was taken for no reason fluoride was murdered anarchy must not rein in our CD he says but adds people need to be able to peacefully

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