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Minneapolis, National Guard And George Floyd discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Minneapolis to seventy this is the night leading to more looting and riots I'm Richard Jordan fox news protests across the country have nearly a dozen states requesting help from the National Guard the death of George Floyd while being pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer on Monday triggering a massive outcry Canada's governor said it's ten night will be different and that has certainly been the case there's been an overwhelming show of force which is what city and state officials who said he needed to do after several nights of riots breaking out across the city with fires in buildings and cars stores being looted and one of the decisions that they made was really to hunker down in both corrupt the perimeter around the fifth precinct boxes Garrett Tenney in Minneapolis meanwhile the Minneapolis police department is reportedly the target of a cyberattack the department's website is down after international hackers anonymous released a threatening video demanding justice for Floyd nearly fourteen hundred people in seventeen cities have been arrested since Thursday the NYPD says officers even had a Molotov cocktail thrown at them this is a Santander bank on the corner here we know somebody at least one person with that with a skateboard we caught actually on our cameras on fights breaking the windows fox's Brian yet as president trump addressed the protesters after Saturday's launch of the NASA and SpaceX space shuttle.

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