Players balk at MLB's pay cut proposal

Lance McAlister


Missed it earlier. No negotiations today between the owners and players. Usa Today reporting the players and their agents meeting to in the Union meeting to discuss a counter proposal to send back to the owner by the way along those lines. And this was Gives you an idea of how some things are going within? Trevor Bauer has tweeted the following. Tonight this was three hours ago pitcher. Trevor Bauer hearing a lot lot capitalized. All three letters L. O. T. hearing a lot of rumors about a certain player agent meddling in MLB Affairs Major League Baseball Players Association. If true and at this point these are only rumors. I have one thing to say. Scott Boras Rep your clients however you want but keep your damn personal agenda out of union business of ood. He followed that tweet with did know. He had a twitter account. Now that I know and the included at burroughs corporation so Scott would see it very interesting To know all the behind the scenes of how this being I I think in general we know how it's being received when players are being asked to in many cases take a seventy five percent pay cut but how it is playing on one end of the pay scale versus the other end of the pay scale with the players making a million less basically getting that versus those when they hire in being asked to take dramatic pay cuts again for all the those who are bent out of shape and fed up. I I get that frustration to some extent. And we're GONNA do this early in the show tomorrow night but I also think people are are not factoring. This in the belief continues to be the season would start July the fourth. That was the proposal to begin with way back forever ago was the weekend of July. The fourth nothing that is taking place right now is blowing up their deadline. The thought is they still have up until June. The sixth. That's another ten days away. Now it's GonNa be ten painful days of of waiting and in hearing unnamed sources float stuff from each side but people act like they and I go back to the the victory for this and Oh my goodness just play. Nothing has changed from their original plan to play July the fourth so you can be frustrated that the deal's not done but nothing is changing the original plan. So maybe it's just the way I'm wired if if and then they say well. There's not going to be a season or well now. We're not GONNA have time to do this or that. That I could see like kicking and screaming and ranting and raving but to do it now just seems because you feel like being mad about something because nothing. They're doing is disrupting their original plan. Timeline that they set up to play baseball July Fourth. So until that changes okay. Let me know when you're done and we'll play baseball July. The fourth

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