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Bad Weather Scrubs SpaceX Launch



Trump plans to return to Florida Saturday for the next attempt to launch a pair of NASA astronauts aboard a space x Dragon rocket as. Npr's timber Keith. Reports trump was there as Wednesday's launch was scrubbed because of bad weather. President trump vice president pence and their spouses were on site at the Kennedy Space Center for the launch as worth three of trump's adult children and several grandchildren before the launch was postponed. Trump said it was a very exciting day for the country. This is something the first lady look very much forward to seeing so much so that they're coming back for the next try. Trump tweeted thanks to spacex and NASA says he flew back to Washington on Air Force. One quote look forward to being back with you on Saturday. Exclamation point pence also tweeted that. He'd be back to watch history in the making Tamra Keith. Npr

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