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05-27-20 Book of the Month: Native California Flash Cards


From Davis California is need of this lynn wrestling. Thank you for being with US Lynn. Welcome to native America calling. Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be with you guys insulin. Yesterday we spent a full hour talking about what opportunities are available for a youth with a program that is going on nationwide and a lot of the things that parents are doing right now are also taking advantage of the time of being able to be with their youth all day to weave in the language and so is really excited to come across this project that literally puts language in the hands of our young people through these flash cards. And so tell me a little bit about what we find On these flash cards to try and inspire language learners all right well. The images on the cards are depicting Culture Designs and images that Children and families would see perhaps in their day to day life from areas throughout California. So there are things such as different kinds of native California birds and animals. There's images Grandparents with a child of images of different houses from different areas traditional houses from different areas from throughout California. There's various plant life that are important to People in California native people such as basket materials. And there's an Irish that's used for making string there's necklaces and rattles that are used in ceremony and Trees and mountains and various things like that and that's the borders on each card Represent designed from again from tribes throughout California from the various areas from northern central and southern California so A lot of the designs came from traditional basket designs. So that gives you a little bit of an idea in the numbers really excited to see that this is their four drawing attention to the different tribes in California and you took a lot of consideration In the imagery and especially the ones that are on the borders of these different Animals and plants in different aspects of native life and when we think of indigenous nations we as indigenous people are constantly working trying to make sure that people understand that we are not monolithic. And even when we come from a certain geographical region there are huge differences. I can relate to this as a Pueblo woman and understanding that what we know how we speak and Certain things that do in our communities are far different from the Pueblo. That is a short ride away from my own. And so Lynn Talk to me a little bit too about making sure that people understand you know. California natives are not Monolithic and folks..

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