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Lots and lots of them let's start with what happens first of all


You're going to a little more detail for people to know technically what's going on in your heart if you have a sip sure that the heart has an electrical system a spark it is the top and then the electrical impulses transmitted from top to bottom so the heart can contracting relaxing orderly way and for many different reasons the upper part of the heart the spark doesn't start nice and orderly and transmit nice normally and get a rapid irregular beating called atrial fibrillation atrial the upper part of the hardship relation beating rapidly like a bag of worms and this is a common problem that occurs mostly with aging as we get older the likelihood into our seventies and eighties is very common it can occur at a younger age and fortunately we have many ways of treating this the news this week is that intense blood pressure control may reduce your angel for relation rest this is a medical journal hypertension when they treated patients to OB upper number down to a hundred and twenty it was a really dramatic decreases about twenty six percent decrease in the risk of getting a so for the relation all right next question has to do with vitamin D. man this vitamin D. thing is sprung up everywhere I don't know whether yeah it's because it's an opportunity to sell more product or if it's now time for people to become aware of what you've been telling me for years about vitamin D. and how most people why am why is it just now that people are finding out her thinking about vitamin D. to the extent that they are well there is some evidence that those who get a more severe form of covert nineteen one of the risk factors is a low vitamin D. level and that is where this is really been getting a lot of attention so make sure your vitamin D. levels of Italy's thirty and you know it if you take a multi vitamin most of them have about a thousand units and that's pretty good it even take up to two thousand units a day were safely but if you go beyond that please talk to your doctor all right so here's a question that is sort of a normal one and it comes on the good side of the track I think you can that is the you know we were talking about what causes it we've been talking for years when it comes to health about the food you eat the air you breathe the water you drink all of that sort of stuff and how the pollutants in the port in the processed foods undermine our muse system so now are we going to look at the air how much greater it is not only our country but around the world after just a couple of hundred activity when it comes to a manufacturing and then there's also the move toward healthier food people go to the store Hey where's our food

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