Exodus Bagels: A Small Business and COVID-19



The. Week of March ninth twenty. Twenty eight bagels was well ahead of their sales projections that week. It felt like spring people were outside. More and good weather is good for business. Adam Hirsch and Priscila Andrade are the owners of Exodus bagels. They're married and they live right up the hill from the cafe with their two kids and while they've been carefully watching the news of the unfolding corona virus crisis at that moment. Their biggest cause for alarm was that they were fresh out of diapers for their baby mirror on Monday march ninth. The World Health Organization held a news conference about the outbreak. Most countries still have sporadic cases. We must all take heart from that. That director general sounded measured. The bottom line is. We're not at the mercy of the bias. In early March the coronavirus pandemic that was unfolding and China and spreading across Europe still felt like international news. It was happening far away and then suddenly. It wasn't Wednesday march eleventh the. Who declares the coronavirus outbreak a global? Pandemic W Joel has been assisting this outbreak around the clock and we're deeply concerned. We have their for the assessment that covid nineteen be cut. Doctor is Oz a pundit mic that same day the NBA suspense the season after Utah. Jazz player Rudy. Gobert has positive the NBA is suspending. The season I say that same day Adam. Hirsh of Exodus bagels process three batches of though for catering orders Friday March thirteenth. President trump declares a national emergency. Good evening and thank you so much for joining us. We're going to begin tonight with breaking news. The president declaring a national emergency to unleash the full power of the federal government. That this effort today I am officially declaring a national emergency. Two very big words exodus put out a communication about their immediate response. It included mitigation efforts hand washing ordering online using cards instead of cash. Sunday March Fifteenth Massachusetts Governor. Charlie Baker announces a statewide shutdown of all bars and restaurants disorder is effective Tuesday march. Seventeen twenty twenty on Monday march sixteenth At Ten am. Priscila sent an email to the extra staff. It said the cafe would be closed effective tomorrow. She said they were working on solutions and would try to find a way for staff to keep some of their hours less than twelve hours later. Reality Sunken further. She sent a second email to the team informing them that exodus would be closed indefinitely. They would need to file for unemployment on Tuesday March Seventeenth. Exodus bagels posted an image to their instagram account. It was a black and white photo of the cafe. Storefront with the roll gate pulled down the caption read to are valued customers and supporters. We thank you for your continued support during this extremely difficult time. We have made the decision to close exodus bagels indefinitely from America's test kitchen. I'm bridget Lancaster and this is proof. Thanks to the season's presenting Sponsor Kohler. They designed innovative sinks and Faucets for people who do their best work in the kitchen hyper listeners. It's bridget and I wanNA tell you about naked Weinstock content. It's a whole new way to buy wine naked. Weinstock com worship delicious affordable wines directly to your home all from independent winemakers worldwide. It's a great way to try new wines with no risk. Because if you don't like a wine they have a completely hassle free money back guarantee and that's even if you drink the whole bottle on their website you can read reviews from other wine drinkers and you can find advice for what winds to pair with your favorite meals. Go to get wines dot com slash proof for fifty dollars off your first order so one of the things that I found really challenging during this crisis is to make sense of all the numbers that were constantly being inundated with. This is our executive producer. Caitlin Kelleher I heard somebody describe it as like a never ending ticker tape of gloomy numbers and that really resonated for me. It's like the magnitude and the scale of the numbers is really hard to hold in your mind. And then when he comes to the restaurant industry specifically the numbers there are huge and they're really bleak. I saw one industry survey that said eight million restaurant. Jobs have disappeared around the country and projected eighty billion in lost revenue just in March and April but the thing is behind the numbers and the headlines. Real people I I met. The owners of eggs is bagels. Adamant PRISCILA THROUGH MY FRIEND. Tammy a big fan of their bagels. And they're just really great people so when. I saw post on instagram announcing that they were closing a reached out to them and I asked if they let me document their experiences restaurant owners through this pandemic and they said

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