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George Floyd And Attorney discussed on Roe Conn


Because there have been little nuggets that have been put out there in the autopsy report about at the health of George Floyd I mean this is probably what the defense of these officers will end up pointing to that maybe he wasn't healthy in the first place and maybe it was his body that broke down there was also a reference that he tested positive for covert nineteen and maybe his lungs weren't in the best shape and maybe that's why he was short of breath you know these are these are the little things that that have been kind of started to insert themselves in these discussions that he wanted to squash that right away and say look this this had nothing to do with his health this was a homicide and that's what the attorney has said as well this was a homicide yeah actually well the the the turns of charged a homicide and the autopsies all of them to come back including the ones that outline all this pre existing health conditions they say you know but for that the incident of that moment he would he'd very unlikely to come that day to any of those health problems so by the.

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