Olive Oil Used to Sanctify Stairs


I believe this is a name. That's come up before is picture looks familiar and I kind of looked up his story his I. I know we've done some stories on him He's representative Matt Shea. He's let's see. He'd be a Washington state legislator from He he I had to look him up on Wikipedia Real Quick. He was an organizer behind One of the Bundy standoffs the one. So he's he's he's one of those he's like this ultra right wing got. Yeah exactly. I totally remember this guy. Yeah anyway he was at a protest out at the Washington state capital. Sure that that actually happened. Right on the heels of another protest which was done by the Satanic Temple of washing yea And so you know they were there. They were wearing their black hook. Hoods hooded robe. You know things And they marched through and around the building and everything and and that of course would ruffle the feathers of crazy Christians right. Yeah and that it is the point. Well Mr Shea knew that the the steps had been the capital had been slow lead and they needed to be cleansed of whatever this the statement the Satanic Temple people had sort of left behind the or the dog shit or on the bottom of their shoes. Whatever I'll create a Satan remover of any kind no but apparently as any good Christian would would think olive oil. Olive oil would cleanse the steps. All right he's anointing this alcohol now initially here arrived and he pulled out his olive oil and somebody at the capitol grounds on the capital groundstaff saw and confiscated it. They were just like no no. We know what you're going to do with this and no right presentative shade. That's a bad representative. So so he's limited way back to his office. Came back with another vile of all. You can't stop a dedicated Christian from doing something stupid and successfully smeared it all over the steps and he basically created us an oil slick on stairs. Yeah well and you know. This is a state capital so these these stairs are marble. Yay and what does marble like to do with like oils and that kind of stuff? It's a porous especially the kind of marble going to be on granite marble. It's GonNa be on the steps here. It's a little porous right. Yeah so it's going to absorb the oil. It's going to mark the step. Yeah Right. Marble is notoriously rough. Got To take care of it in very specific ways. If and if you have a marble countertop in in your kitchen tried about it you know what I'm talking about. Which is why everybody just get courts. You'll save some money totally on board I. I'm with you on that but anyway I have a marble surround in my in my personal shower. My my my shower and oranges. Yeah but you can't clean it with any of the cleaning you have to buy special cleaning products to clean it. What's the point? It's crazy any workers but you know I got a wife. That's an interior designer. I'm not allowed to complain about stuff like that. Anyway you just did so there you no so the Capitol Grounds Maintenance People. They had to clean this up and so they have sent. Matt Shea. A bill for Forty seven hundred dollars and and even with their scrubbing well because of the scrubbing. Actually the the the the steps are a lighter color than their surrounding steps and marble and everything sure they are and so. They're they're miffed. They're miffed. He actually vandalized and the state capital with some olive oil that takes Satanic Temple. People go back all the time now. Oh my God they need to just hang out there like rubbing their bums all over different parts of the floor. I know it's pretty right outside the door of his office. Just touch

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