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Sin? Toya Brown long has lived an insane life throughout her early teens. She was repeatedly. Jailed repeatedly raped prostituted. Everything it seems like every man. She came in contact with did her wrong when she was fifteen a pimp. She was in love with center out with his gun and she shot and killed a man she was a teenager who'd been victimized by the world but she was convicted and sentenced to in prison but she never lost hope that God would somehow save her enduring her fifteen years in prison. A groundswell of support and sympathy began to grow until the governor of Tennessee. Commuted her life sentence she was released from prison in August of two thousand nineteen just two months ago. She's now free and starting over and she's the author of an incredible memoir called freese into area. It's the incredible sin Toy Brown long on. Toray show you have been through an unbelievable journey in your life to get to this point how are you? I'm good. I'm blessed. I mean you must feel the most amazing weight off of your shoulders in your heart. And just how is it? I mean it's good and it you know. Of course there is a weight like it's been lifted but to be honest with you until I can see like the other women that I left behind so I could see some change happening for them to. I won't really feel like that. You Know Big Sigh of relief But it was definitely like you know I have my own finally Though I mean just even the pictures in the book the the end photos and the sense of relief that we can see is like wow like. She's so lifted. How did you make it through all of this? This this hell that you've lived through. It was literally nobody but God that got me through. It was rough and you know there was times it should. I shouldn't even have survived and I didn't realize the time just how close I was. But you know he was watching out for me. He definitely had angels around me protecting me. I mean this story. The hell of your life starts from early teenage years. And there's really there's really nobody around who's good to you everybody's trying to take from you and us you and I mean I wonder you know just at a young age when you start seeing that happening all the time you lose faith in humanity. Do you not. Yeah so that started you know. Once I left home the little cocoon and my mother's house it was like that it was always someone that wanted something. Always you know some kind of drama happening and just a lot of trauma that I was taking in and for a while you know I did struggle with you. Know filling certain ways about men in general just about people you kinda come to expect the worst from people But you have to realize that just because you experience that with one person to person a few people that doesn't mean it's reflective of everyone and so that several years for me to to get to that place for understood that but before you even meet cutthroat. Who's this sort of central figure in the story? What did you think of yourself? Because there's just not much no no not much you know. I had come to a place where I really didn't feel like I belonged anywhere. I really didn't feel like I was accepted for who I was didn't really know who I was. You know I was just so desperate to to be accepted like the people around me anything that they said that I needed to be how I needed to be behaving. What was acceptable. I was just taking it all in like a pay this is. This is how I'm supposed to be and you know I was just lost like way before I even met him. I mean your I mean your child you were child but you were being treated like an adult quite often and you're dealing with rape dealing with crack using WANNA All see mean just I. I can't imagine what it needs. You think of yourself nathen. I've been much myself at all and I really didn't think much of the things that I was involved with. Either colleges blindly walking into situations and just figuring out how to survive from there. And when you I mean when you meet a man. They've cut throat. One would think one thing that would mean your Davis Right. Yeah Yeah you'd think so but I guess you just you're not really process and what's going on you put in an adult position but you don't have the capacity of adult you're not really thinking and so yeah that was Read right away your leg. He was cute. I wanted to get his number wanted him to have my number. I mean what was that immediate whole that La- because that's would start to lead you down the real hell you went into. I think like he was just really good about and now I can see it like you know we would have conversations. It was about me like up until that point I had learned how to present myself to men in order to get what I wanted from them. So you know I would usually just listen to them. Listen to certain key words and then just say every now and then something but with him. It was me being able to talk about you. Know my innermost desires my thoughts and and things like that and I was like oh well. He's interested in me and you know that that's all I had been looking for someone who saw me someone who was interested in me. Someone who accepted me and all he really did was just sit there and be quiet and let me talk but get the first man who's listening to me and it's so powerful and you feel like affirmed in seen right for the first time right. Yeah that kind of starts to suck you in. Oh yeah quickly. Like very quickly within his face days like all of a sudden it was like you know. I didn't want to see him for an hour. It was like on the second day. Let's spend the whole day together you now but it quickly becomes very treacherous. Because he's you know his friend is using you and then he doesn't believe you. He believes his friend is almost rapidly. He starts sort of pimping you you sleep with him. You say I mean why did you? I mean I guess you accept that because you don't think anything of yourself and like the crazy thing is like you know he was saying all these things and I'm like well no I'm not I'm not a sled like whatever saw really didn't like constantly like accepted as truth and whenever you know it would be like. I was doing what I was doing. It was like a whore. I'm not I'm not doing this. I'm prostituting like this is not what I'm doing. I'm just you know going out and getting some money from a guy like you just kinda rationalize things in a way were like later. You're looking back and it's like what was what was that. And Yeah like that was definitely the turning point. The I can't remember what I call them in the book but I'll just say with his friend Yeah that was definitely the turning point when things just turned ugly and I almost think like now like you know they plan that or something like was that just the excuse. Randy's openly start acting that way with me But I don't know so. I guess maybe readers they can attempt for themselves. Tell me what they

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