Sports Talk 5-28-2020 - burst 05

Lance McAlister


Headline Major League. Baseball risk losing coal trout and others if it wins this from Joel Sherman. What if Major League Baseball owners get what they want? And then a group of players don't show up that would be turning victory to defeat quickly for the owners and Joe. Sherman went on to point out that it has already understood that a group of players and coaches and managers with pre existing conditions. Might opt out up over health concerns. John Lester Anthony Rizzo. The cubs are cancer survivors. Brandon Morrow type one diabetes. Joe Sherman talk with multiple agents a half dozen agents in recent days. Who said they expect most players to return due to love of baseball sense of responsibility to their careers? Teammates perhaps even being shamed into participating in the bad look but the agents also say they would not be surprised if some players decide not to play one agent told The New York Post. I would actually be more surprised if we did not get a few who sat out three different here won the super rich players two players. Who were do the most money Garrett Cole Mike Trout both have lied? Do with their first child thought by some agent's a they've made enough money in their

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