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The Rise of Jason Keath


Christopher Penn and John. Good Morning Walk into marketing over coffee on John Wall today. We Jason Keith. Back with us. He's been a guest on the show many times a good friend of the show and he has his events social fresh social fresh as the gold standard for in person events. And so we're going to talk today about how he's having to transition to a virtual because of everything going on but yeah they have all the speakers talking about social and whether you're somebody who has social as part of your job and it's you're kind of once a year event to get brought up to speed or for exempts that need to know what's going on in the space and need one place they can go to to get it all in one shot and get the very best stuff social fresh it. Jason. Thanks for joining us again. John Great Virtually be with you. I know this is the new standard of everything. It's all virtual now talk to us before kind of just everything went crazy. Did you already have social? Fresh WAS COMING UP IN JUNE. Was already on the calendar. I mean we were on the calendar for November still are. It's kind of a wait and see like everyone else and events business and you know who knows if we'll be able to have that event or not but typically our revenue season starts march and our last tickets sold for that event. At the end of the year I think was February. Twenty eighth or something like that and all the revenue completely disappeared after that. So we you know. We knew pretty quickly. We needed to transition the business whether we were GONNA be able to have the event at the end of the year or not. And that's where we are right now. I mean we quickly transition. It's some online office hours now. We're doing this virtual conference social fresh EX SUSPECTS DOT com. If you WANNA check it out and it's been an education to say the least but it's you know we're learning quite a bit. Yeah Yeah we'll start from the top platform. What are you actually going to use to? Have everybody come in. And what's what's the Corbett. Yeah so so when we started doing office hours right away first week of March because we had so many businesses that had questions that had challenges needed to adapt you know they were closing or no customers all kinds of challenges right and for that we just did a weekly Zoom and we're GONNA pick that back up after the conference and it's been really great to just dig deep into people's businesses and help with their creative content can do live audits.

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