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Where The Good Investment Opportunities Are Right Now | Ep. #1396


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I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about where the good investment opportunities are right now and Neil. I mean now's a good time. We're recording this. As of May Eighth Twenty twenty. So it's not quite the right time to start investing at least my opinion. But you know knowing that we're still in the middle of this pandemic right now. I think it's good to think about investment opportunities. So how are you looking at opportunities or even thinking about opportunities at the moment? I'm not really thinking about opportunities right now because I think it's too early unless the stock market stock market may go a little bit lower. But I doubt it's going to drop till like the Dow going down like eighteen thousand or anything like that so my big philosophy is whether the market goes down or not. If you end up buying some stocking hold for ten years you'll make money and again. That's just my philosophy. I could be totally wrong about. But I'm a big believer in that especially if you pick companies that are like where the future is like Amazon. You know stomas doing like Google has her way. Moso transportation without a driver things like that then the other thing that I'm big on his just waiting six months for things crash because you have to remember the government not just in the United States but all around the roles has put in so much money into all these economies that is helping keep things up so when things like you don't have to pay your mortgage or ramp for a bit an event yet to make up for it and pay it. It's not GonNa hit people right now and that's what you're not seeing prices go down but maybe in six months a year you'll see a much bigger drop. Yeah I think one of the most important things you can look at. So you'll know we'll try to even go beyond stock market but you know you look at Warren Buffett. He just did. His shareholders meeting for the first time as a virtual shareholders meeting first time doing the virtual shareholders meeting and he as past weekend and the main thing for him is that he's sitting on one hundred thirty seven billion dollars in cash. He did not move. He has not done anything so warren. You got the Oracle of Omaha Berkshire Hathaway saying look. There's no good news right now but he did dump always airline stocks. That's like the biggest move that he made. So if he's saying that and then like the general sentiment is whenever Neil and I talk. We talk probably every other day or so. We're just kind of waiting right now. There's no need to go in and rush. I think you know at least. This is my opinion. I still think we're in the very beginning of this. I do not think this thing is GONNA and quickly. I just read today. I don't know if you saw CNBC but the real unemployment rate is like twenty three percent. Just crazy it's probably gonNA go higher so now's the time. I saw that an unemployment can't just be bad in the US. I bet you globally. It's terrible and the way I look at that as in the United States. Roughly saying one out of every five people that use see are unemployed. Just imagine that. That's a shit load of people that don't have a job. The economy is not recover right away. This isn't something that you just bounce back really quickly just like. We went down really fast. It's going to be a long recovery and this is a massive hit that we've taken so just he patient and you don't have to go all in and start buying or investing right now because like I said uneven. Eric mentioned it even better than us. That's what Warren Buffett mention. He's as it's not the right time it's too early. He's holding cash. Be Patient because yes you may not get at the cheapest rates possible. You may not make the most that you would if you time things right because it's just too hard but you know what you cut it up on the upswing. You're finding you'll do all so yeah I mean I think we're just talking about stocks are now stocks are businesses at the end of the day. Even if you're looking to invest in businesses now still at the right time because I've been having conversations with people even if you look at people that have lost their jobs. They're still looking like I was talking to someone yesterday. And it is a person lost their job and they're like yeah you know. I just lost my job. I still want one hundred fifty k. To be a product marketer and I'm like like I'm pretty sure you know salary is going to have to come down. Suba people still have these wild expectations right now so I think we need reality to set in just like people were really the kind of were in disbelief of how big this thing would be and you know look at where we are right now. So you kind of have to wait. Let the market talk before you start to jump in. So that's not to say you shouldn't be at least having conversations at the moment but just be careful protect yourself and I think that's what we've got to say about that. You have anything else. Nope superman all right. So that is it for today. Guys go to marketing school. The I o slash school. If you guys are interested in education program that Neil Ni- are working on putting together and we will see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School. Be Sure to rate.

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