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MTV The Challenge RHAPup | Total Madness Episode 9 Podcast - burst 60


Record this. What's the time stamp? Our nine minutes on. Whatever that Brian episode nine is that Brian Said? I can't get enough of these to and about Deon Rogan. Two months ago people being like oh I just wish I had more time to spend at home now. Careful what you wish for all right. Well we already got a question. We are answered that. Who cares all right? We already said we don't like this elimination. I mean casey defeats Kayla so easily. It's almost pathetic just about this limitation I. This was an odd one like I get the structure like it was the first part. But how is there not something else to do? Yeah I think smoke bomb was again taken from the main challenge is to say. Oh it'll be cool. The release a bunch of smoke yeah. I don't know why wasn't take the bombs out of the truck or whatever and then carry them to the smoke bomb to detonate I. I don't know it's just odd. That was

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