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Miami Weather: Flood Advisory Remains Even Though Sun Returns


Thanks to have a weather forecaster weather channel urologist is the race stage or more during good morning Jimmy already seen some lingering showers this morning some isolated showers and others an areal flood advisory going to Miami Dade County that state that affected till twelve fifteen that's because of the rain that's already fallen and there's still some areas experiencing flooding so we're talking about the areas near Miami gardens in Miami north Miami Doral whether servicing excess runoff from the heavy rainfall could cause flooding of canals and streams ordinary highways streets underpasses so you have to add up we get a few more showers that may make that situation a little bit worse other than that they are falling rain will be much isolated showers here and there the next few days of quiet subjectivity stays with us it'll stay seasonable during the day probably the best upper eighties the overnight lows dipping down into the upper seventies so little but the average of the overnight low temperatures but we still don't ninety giving it looks like we may have a little bit cooler air mass trying to command a later the weekend early next week but I certainly don't see another frog strangler out there and the stuff that comes the rain that we've seen over the past out for five

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