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Roy Cooper, President And Kayleigh Mcenany discussed on Howie Carr


Cases of corona virus for at least fourteen states is more restrictions are lifted today North Carolina governor Roy Cooper says his state moves to reopen the virus is on the move to over the weekend we saw our highest one day increase in positive cases and our highest day of hospitalizations yet this virus remains a serious threat and we cannot let our guard down at the briefing Cooper also responded to the president's tweets on the Republican National Convention said in August for his state the president threatening to move the convention if he says they cannot go on as planned Cooper says re opening plans will be based on science and data S. okay for political conventions to be political but pandemic response cannot be a convention is three months out at the White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also says the president wants to host the G. seven summit with world leaders in Washington DC this summer I don't know if it'll be the last week of June but towards the end of June and the goal for as it is for it to be here at the White House and there's new help for American seniors with diabetes from the trump administration the trump administration.

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