Trump administration sues over new Bolton book, claiming it contains classified information


There you know overnight tweet president trump calls John Bolton a wacko trump tells fox news that Bolton his former national security adviser committed a crime when he wrote his book they broke the law very simple I mean that as much as it's going to be broken this is highly classified as high is stages highly classified information that he did not have approval but it's come out now very loud and very strong in Bolton's book he argues that lawmakers should have broadened the impeachment enquiries from Ukraine to other countries where Bolton says trump used policy to try to enhance his reelection the house Democrat with James Clyburn was asked if democratic should subpoena Bolton to testify in front of a committee something bold refused to do during the impeachment trial I think it's something we ought to consider I think there was almost out in the public arena now I don't think that there is much to be desired privilege and to be had at this point and so I really believe that we may need to get to the bottom of this not so much for impeachment I don't care about impeachment is for preserving this electoral process and then we

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