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How the Union to then explain it. The NBA season is canceled. The ticket revenue alone. Is a five hundred million dollar loss now read over how many teeth? Over thirty teams, but but but but by the way ticket revenues can be lost anyway. That money's going to be lost, which makes the V. Revenue that they're still owed so much more critical? They've got to get that TV money because they're not getting the gate receipts. And the NBA player has already been paid the significant majority of their twenty nineteen twenty twenty salary because they've played eighty eighty five games. We've been spending time here. Talking about it would be great to really know what the true economics of the NBA are. I can just tell you. I think with a high level of confidence that over a billion dollars will be lost if the NBA doesn't come back. A lot of people whose jobs already been furloughed or lost will never get them back, and there will be at least a few teams in true dire trouble. That's my gue-. That's a to me an educated guess as to what? The reasonable I think that's a reasonable get, and at the same time Kyrie Irving, and the thirty nine other players, which by the way include some WNBA players, and again I read this morning that the conference call that he initiated on Friday was

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