Remember When Biden Killed Domestic Oil Production to Rely on International Sources?


Joe Biden came in and immediately killed the Keystone XL pipeline killing thousands of high paying union jobs It's about energy and dependence And then he okayed the Russian oil and gas pipeline going to Germany because that helps out Russia and Putin Remember Hunter Biden got three and a half $1 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow but pay no attention to that That's not a news story No controversy there He okayed the pipeline had undermines NATO because NATO was stood up was created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to stare down and oppose Russia and the Soviet Union And that's Vladimir Putin is doing what he can to reconstitute the Soviet Union which he called the collapse of the Soviet Union The greatest or one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century All that good stuff So he's helping out Russia and Putin and undermining NATO by okaying the gulf what Nordstrom two pipeline And undermining the United States and energy independence by doing away with the Keystone XL pipeline and all those thousands of union jobs They lie to you about how many jobs were involved And no there were only 7 jobs They literally came up with ridiculous numbers like that Well now a new story popped yesterday not because of the funnies at The Washington Post or anything But a memo was uncovered And the Jake Sullivan the national security adviser to the current president of the United States On the need for reliable and stable global energy markets And now you see the Biden White House is going to OPEC The organization of petroleum exporting countries And that would be Saudi Arabia to Venezuela and a number of countries in between And they're asking OPEC to increase

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